What Not To Do For Your MLM Facebook Marketing Strategies

What Not To Do For Your MLM Facebook Marketing Strategies

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Do you want to use Facebook to develop your network marketing business, but are not getting much success?


I am going to tell you What Not To Do For Your MLM Facebook Marketing Strategies

Having a good recruiting system will surely help your progress in network marketing industry. It will help you to avoid 3 deadly mistakes you should  never make in your mlm business


What not to do for your MLM Facebook marketing strategies


What most network marketers do here is connect with a new friends, then GBAM! Spam begins on their friend Facebook messenger. I know you have seen or experienced this as well.


I mean join my team’s posts, or every post with company name or new award winner. This is a slow way of marketing or promoting your opportunity.  Its old marketing system it doesn’t work anymore.


Are you different from other company representatives? Why should anyone join your team? These are the kind of questions you need to ask yourself. You also need to be prepared for confusing questions from your prospects 


7 What Not To Do For Your MLM Facebook Marketing Strategies


1. Don’t tag people in a posts or photos that have nothing to do with them. This is a great way to piss off your friend list.


2. Don’t use the word free, be clear about what you are offering.


3. Don’t hype your opportunity


4. Do not send massive invitations for your next webinar or presentation.


I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me. It’s rude, especially when they don’t ask you to join. You are basically forcing it on their face which always leads to rejection


5. Don’t post about politics, gender or religion. When was the last time you saw a post about one of these topics that did not end in a disagreement or controversy?


6. Don’t fake earnings for people to join you


7. Don’t promise refferal.


Never forget if you beg them to join you will beg them to work


It is best to stay away from 7 What Not To Do For Your MLM Facebook Marketing Strategies


Now, let me tell you what to Do For Your MLM Facebook Marketing Strategies


To take this further, you ask yourself, what problems did my target audience  want to solve?


What skills do you have? You see as a part of the reason for connecting with people, they think you can help them achieve their dreams and goals.


That’s why you need to work on yourself. So as not be saying the  same thing as another distributor in the market, like you are saying if you are asking people to join your team and buy products from you.


What are you doing to stand out from the crowd? What have you learned recently or in the past that can help your target audience?

Should you mention your company name?


You should never mention your company name when you post on social media, why? Well, what is happening is that people have to go out and do research in the name of their company. They will take a negative view of it and form their own opinion about it. Then they will have this mess in their mind.


Now we all know that you will get some good and some bad reviews about each company. You can’t control someone going out and looking for it. But you can control how they relate to your business. So leave your company name, talk about the benefits and what it does.


Everyone starts somewhere


Look, nothing hurts for someone who just sent you a friend request and immediately. Sent you an opportunity to talk about joining them or to check me out.


While this is annoying and doesn’t work, it’s not all hope for them. We were all beginning somewhere and had to start somewhere.


You don’t just come online and instantly turn into a rock star. All these points that I am sharing in this post are things that I have learned myself. I didn’t know any of them before.


When someone sends me a link without asking me, I want to take that time and really want them to connect with them. Ask them how long they have been in business. I ask them how this approach has worked for them so far.


You should not insult or insult them when you are upset. This means that they are not properly trained, which is kind of many people in network marketing. I want to be polite and find out if he is going to be better than his expected abilities.


I ask If they are open to it, I point them to resources like this. Whether they are rude or not, I just move on. This is not a big deal.

What Not To Do For Your MLM Facebook Marketing Strategies
Where to find qualified prospects on facebook

Where to find the best prospects on Facebook

Facebook groups are groups where people with equal interests gather and discuss topics. Infact, It is to use if you want to work on how to start a successful network marketing business.


For example, if you do a quick search on Facebook for network marketing groups, you’ll come back with hundreds and thousands of results. You can find business groups and personal development. These are all people who are already in the business mindset.


Find people who give good feedback or comment. You want to find active , passionate people to work with. Then just send them a message, not your link to your company or product, but a simple message can tell you why you messed them up.


To get more out of it, you can look forward to their profile and see their interest and open up conversations with their interests.


Build a relationship first


Cold Market Prospecting Online is definitely possible for anyone to like, but it’s easy to do it on Facebook, you can easily find out what they like and are interested in before sending the first message ۔ It’s easy to start a conversation.


This may be slightly different if you are likely to be offline because you do not know anything about this person.

Some possible suggestions

What Not To Do For Your MLM Facebook Marketing Strategies
Learn a Network Questions for prospect


Work on asking better questions.


You can read Network Marketing Questions for Prospect. This makes it very easy to expect questions and it helps you control the conversation. A poor horse is better than a horse.


Here are some great questions you can ask yourself.


Full disclosure, I did not come up with any of these questions, I received them from Ray Higdon because he has some excellent training in his network marketing industry.

In your opinion, will it help you [feel, think, believe] (the pains expressed during your questions).

Is this for you What will be the price?

Are you saying all this or do you really believe it?

If you want to join now, what would be the best benefit for you to join?

All this question helps to know what is in the minds of your prospects

Turning off possibilities is always a hot topic, here are some things I have learned over the years that I think will help you.

Always point your prospects towards a tool to offer you and explain your business. You can also point them to a schedule presentation. The tool will determine how they see your opportunities.


If you make a one on one presentation, they will think that they have to do the same. Give them a CD or send them to a website, and they’ll like, hey, I can do it! keep it simple.


Once your prospect take a look at your presentation. Ask them question directly.


Such as :

“What do you like about what you saw?”

If they say nothing, just say, “What were you looking for?”
Or “What did you like to do / see?”


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If you have something positive to say about their presentation, you say that you like it, no problem, then ask them, “Why is this important to you?” The ultimate goal is to include him in your team. Focus on yourself and follow through.


MLM Facebook posts that will interest people


Facebook is a social media. So all you need to do is increase the interest of the people and say that they want more information.


If you are in good health, posting before and after your product is a great way to get people interested. Social proof is also powerful.

Talk more about what your product or service does and does not do.


Was this training helpful? Make sure you leave me a comment below and let me know. Feel free to share it with your team or anyone else who you think might benefit from it.



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What Not To Do For Your MLM Facebook Marketing Strategies: What you should not do in facebook
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