What is your Identity?

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When somebody says your identify, what do individuals take into consideration?


That’s an effective way of predicting your future success!

Don’t consider me?

If you ask this query and folks don’t bear in mind you for one thing excellent, it means you’re a jack of too many trades. YOU MASTER NOTHING!

Examples, once we hear:

“Michael Jackson” — we predict music.

“Tiger Woods” — we predict golf.

“Michael Jordan” — we predict basketball.

“Ayrton Senna” — we predict Formula One.

So to reply your query, what are some methods to predict whether or not or not somebody might be profitable sooner or later?

The world is full of common individuals. We can simply predictour success once we cease being common.

Strive to grow to be so good in a single space till individuals can’t ignore you.

  1. Decide which area of interest you’ll grow to be an professional in.
  2. Grow it till individuals can’t ignore you.
  3. Once you grow to be so good in that space, ship a lot worth to different individuals’s lives that they are going to be wanting to pay you to carry out it.

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Durodola Bolaji

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