This Advice is Worth a Million Dollar for Business Owners

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1. People don’t purchase a services or products based mostly on how GOOD it’s, they purchase based mostly on how good the AD COPY IS.

2. If your FIRST product is GOOD, they’ll purchase from you ceaselessly until you offend them.

three. ALL of your money just isn’t within the product you might be promoting however within the LIST of people that purchase it.

four. The EASIEST strategy to show to somebody you could assist them is by really HELPING THEM. There is NO TRICK to it.

5. $7 greenback MINDSET.. “I want to get 1,000,000 people to give me $1 dollar so I will have $1,000,000.”

6. $1,000,000 MINDSET.. “I want to DELIVER $100 in value for FREE to one million people and then, later on, ask them each for $10.”

7. No matter how good you get at what you might be doing there are ALWAYS greater ranges. So NEVER be complacent.

eight. If you might be scared to ship a number of worth without spending a dime, both 1. You do not have a LOT of worth to convey or 2. You live in an absence consciousness mindset. You want to repair these.

9. The actual ART of getting money is straightforward VALUE EXCHANGE. So ALWAYS ship greater than you ask for.

The quantity of money you’ll make will probably be in direct proportion to the
quantity of high quality presents you make to and the scale of the
issues you clear up for individuals.

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