Sell now or I shoot you

Sell now or I shoot you

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What would YOU do if SELLING YOUR only option to LIVE?

Imagine you are to make sales or die now….


You are very familiar with a popular program who want to be a millionaire.

I could recollect the participants on the hot seat usually have 3 lives line.

Let’s relate to your business.
How many life line does your business has? 1,2 or 3.

I bet you know it’s only SELLING

Few days ago, I was chatting with a young man in my team. He said oga Bolaji am tired of no sales….

I teased. Oh really. How many peope do you tell about your business daily?
He replied 10 people or more.

I said okay….

Your best is not enough.
He was surprised



Are you like my team mate?

Let me ask you this… What would you do if selling is your LIFELINE



Imagine someone pointing a gun at you to make a sale now or he will release the trigger

Wawuu! 💯



Gun? Haa

You will surely go extra mile to prospect and make the sale as earlier as possible.

How would you do that? Surely by mastering and applied skill of selling such as:

1.Product Knowledge….
2.Strategic Prospecting
3.Rapport Building.
4. Buyer-Seller Agreement.
5. Active Listening.
6. Communication.
7. Qualification Questioning
8.Time Management
9. Objection Prevention
10. Objection Handling
11. Closing Techniques
12. After Sale Relationship Management

Ordinarily there is not different in you, except you will be ready to give all so as to live.



Anytime, you are think of selling

✅Treat selling as if someone is pointing a gun at you.
✅Treat selling as if your life depends on it

Do you get value Yaah or Naay

Durodola Bolaji

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Durodola Bolaji

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