Science of getting rich: 5 major lessons

Science of getting rich: 5 major lessons

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Sometimes ago I was discussing with a close friend who believes money isn’t that important. During our conversation he asked me. Are saying anyone can’t become successful without becoming rich? I do hope you can imagine people who asked this kind of question. They are those who had lost hope totally about their lives. They believe money is not important in life. These are kinds people whose their self-esteem had been by society influence.

Another reason for this kind believe could be traced to our wrong educational system. How would you measure a truly successful life without enough money to live a meaningful life. Don’t get me wrong am not saying money is all you need to be totally successful but money play a very important role to live a better life. In this you shall read important lessons from the book science of getting rich.

1. Desire to be wealthy is normal and righteous.

desire for wealthThis one of the very important from this wonderful books science of getting rich. Every successful people in life was motivated by their strong desire to be wealthy. As a result, your journey to successful life starts the moment you program your mind this what you to be in life. As stated in the book, to be wealthy you must develop burning desire for wealth and financial independence.

2. Learn Wealth creation formula

Long before now, I was among the people who have that successful people were lucky people or had better opportunities than myself and other in my categories. Luckily for me I met friends, who introduced me to reading. So I started reading about successful people and business books. I was blow up by the records of people who started financial freedom journey from nowhere. Eventually they become successful. This personal development mission gave a clearer view of common traits and characteristics of wealth creation formula.

Since my mindset was changed away from wrong belief that successful people are lucky. You too need to stop believing successful people are lucky but dear to learn formula of wealth creation. Possibly, many people who disagree with you or even hate you for this assertion. Who their love help? Will their love pay my financial responsibilities. Many of my friends and associates hated me then as well. But I was love and cherished by those who shared same mindset with me.

wealth creation formulaOnce you develop a strong positive mindset to see opportunities instead of problems. You can escape poverty and build business that will make you financial better than your age mate. All you need is to believe there’s no magic about success. Truly, believe me and you there is nothing magical about success just as there’s nothing magical about mathematics. Like a mathematical problems are solved by formulas, poverty can also be overcome by following a set a wealth creation formula. Fortunately, all these formula does not necessarily work with where you leave or who gave birth to you.

As Wallace D wattles claimed that wealth creation has formulas.  What are those formulas? These formulas of wealth creation are so simple that most people can’t believe they’ll work.  For example, you can easily worry poverty state than to pursue wealth creation.  It’s very easy to believe it’s hard to make money than to look for ways to make in enough money in life.

Wait a minute!

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Now lets continue………

3. Give attention on abundance not lack

You can easily focus what you than to focus on really want for better life. Every one of our lives, News caster and journalist feed us with negative news and about poverty stricken people. You hardly read or hear news about people who achieve wonderful success in life. The reason is that negative news sales faster.

As explained in science of getting rich, you desist from such news. Journalists consciously feed you with negative news because they know that your brain loves them.  However, if you can’t do without news. Focus your attention on the other side where there’s happiness. For every sad news there is other side of it which is joy. For every case of lacking in life. There is abundance though the journalist will show you much of the other side you must consciously focus on the other side if you want wealth don’t think poverty if you want abundance stop worrying about scarcity. This is a compliment of law expectation in another wonderful called The 100 Absolutely unbreakable laws of Business Success by Brian Tracy. He stated that “whatever you expect, with confidence, becomes your own self-fulfilling prophecy”

4. Every good things in life is not easy same is for money.

Right now, let’s take a moment imagine a huge sum of 2 billion Naira is roaming around your state alone daily. Are you part of those who only spend money to consume? While many people create value to earn out of the money in circulation for that day.  This is how unimaginable amount of money exchange hands every single day moving from people who love to consume to people who know how to create values.  Yet, some people believe money is scarce. Am sorry if you are of those who believe money is scarce. That’s myth we were all thought in school. Which programmed our minds that you must work hard to earn living instead of working smarter.

Money could be truly scarce if you have to work for it. However money is very much in the world if you have to manufacture it.  Yes to manufacture money you must take time to understand humans want. So as to take time to study marketing and other related business subjects. All these would give opportunity to sell values to the people in your environment, make more money to cater for your financial needs in your life.

5. You must back your positive thinking with massive actions

Science of getting rich explained that making money will be easier once you admit nothing good come easy in life. Once you started the journey earlier you will have an edge over others who will start very late.

I have some friends who are good readers and positive thinkers. Actually, we started a group then and named it the Reading Nation Ng. we usually gather every weekend to brainstorm on our reading. Although positive thinking alone can’t make you rich however negative thinking will easily make you poor. Positive thinking alone can’t make you rich you need massive actions

What lessons do you think I missed in?

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