Recharge and Get Paid Review

Recharge and Get Paid Review

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Recharge and Get Paid Review – Make N400,000 every Month in VTU Business

Recharge and Get Paid is a company with head office in Abuja and duly registered in by NCC and CAC in Nigeria


You will find the complete recharge and get paid review. After you finish, you will decide if this VTU business is real or scam. Let me start it like this! 99% of the time you make use or your phone you can make money via Recharge and Get Paid…

Recharge and Get Paid offer you the benefit as follows Recharge your phones Load data Subscribe cables, DStv , gotv……. Pay utilities like PHCN Using one platform or the other , like road side vendors , Quick Teller, Banks e.t.c Some people might be saying “I use my mobile banking for all these stuff” but do we get paid for it , the answer is? No.! We even get cheated or extorted at times Some vendors sell at 110 , 210

Banks charge us for SMS alert after using their platform to carry out this operations Because these are utilities Services that we can’t do without.. So. In simplified terms:

1. The name of this business is called (RECHARGE AND GET PAID)

2. The business has 6 packages (Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum) and you can register for any one of them. You can also upgrade from a lower package to a higher package, whenever you desire.

3. Each of these packages have different benefits (as will be elaborated on during the main presentation).

4. You join the business by paying the registration cost which is a minimum of N5,000 to a maximum of N50,000, depending on the package you are registering for.

5. When you join the business, you will have access to a VTU wallet, which you can use to sell airtime (MTN, Airtel, GLO, 9Mobile), data or cable subscription (DSTv, GOTv, StarTimes and PHCN) to others (family, friends, colleagues, customers e.t.c)

6. Anytime you recharge your phone (airtime), renew your internet (i.e buy a data bundle) or pay for your cable subscription, the company will pay you a certain percentage back as commission.

7. Anytime you help other people to also recharge their phones (airtime), renew their internet (i.e sell a data bundle) or pay for their cable subscription, the company will also pay you a certain percentage back as commission. You can also read how to make maximum leverage for your business

8. Anytime, you also introduce people to this Recharge and Get Paid, and they register under you, the company will also pay you commission 20% of their Sign-Up Fee

9. Anytime, those people who you introduce into the business recharges their phones, buys or sells data and cable subscription, you will also get paid a certain percentage by the company.

10. Anytime the people you introduce into the business also introduce other people to join the business, you will also get paid a commission by the company referral bonuses 10%

11. By being a member of Recharge and Get Paid , you can also enjoy a Leadership Bonus of N100,000 monthly, an all-expense paid trip to Dubai (or N500,000 or N1,000,000 cash equivalent) a Brand New Car (or N2,000,000 cash equivalent) and a House Fund of N3,000,000, (if you qualify).

12. All the money you earn in Recharge and Get Paid is paid into your online purse (a.k.a e-wallet), and you can transfer it to your local bank account for withdrawal or to your VTU acct for Transactions and Lastly, you can transfer to a fellow members Ewallet and get paid by the person (Because the Demand for the Ewallet is High)

13. As a member of Recharge and Get Paid, you will continue to make money FOR LIFE…because people will never stop recharging their phones, using data for browsing or watching cable. When you register, in this business, an account will be created with Ewallet and a VTU account all together under your name.

The VTU (Virtual Top Up) account is where you carry out ALL YOUR TRANSACTIONS, buying and selling of VTU credits for recharging, data purchase, cable TV And PHCN subscriptions.. No need for you to buy paper voucher anymore, or go to the cable TV agents to pay for your subscriptions.

You can recharge, buy data or purchase cable TV subscriptions from the comfort of your phone or laptop. The Ewallet account is where your earnings is kept just like your normal wallet, but this time electronically. You can withdraw your earnings to the Bank.

You can Use it to purchase VTU credits…. You can transfer to fellow members Ewallet… Or Use it to upgrade to higher package to increase your earnings.. This is a Borderless Business.. RAGP is a platform that gives you access to recharge your phone directly through VTU be it MTN, GLO, 9MOBILE or AIRTEL network, same thing with data subscription.

Including *DSTV, GOTV, STARTIMES and PHCN Bills. Company is currently working on adding WAEC, NECO, JAMB registrations How to Register on Recharge and Get Paid” VTU business in Nigeria In this section, we will focus on the recharge and get paid registration. Once you have all the needed requirements stated above, simply follow the instructions below:

1. Copy this referral code here bjtelcomm

2. Visit 3

Challenges of Recharge and Get Paid

As at the time of writing this post below are some of challenges of Recharge and Get Paid

  1. High cost of data compare to what network in Nigeria sells but remember you make no money when you buy from them or recharge card sellers
  2. Low profit % compare to what recharge card seller makes on recharge card but remember everywhere with internet connection is your office
  3. You must have internet connection to buy or sell data or recharge card which is just small % compare to data u wasted on social media everyday

Having wrote all these, its left for to join Recharge and Get Paid as earlier as you can because is a great way to make money online while sleeping.

Follow below link to join our WhatsApp group for more details.

Dedicated to your financial freedom.

Durodola Bolaji

A network marketer, entrepreneur and investor, I am happily married with kids. I reside in Ibadan and run a company in Northern side of Nigeria. I am currently earning passive income working from the comfort of my home using the Internet, email, and the telephone with an incredible sense of security and peace of mind. I've been earning a full-time income from home online since 2014, mostly within the network marketing and direct sales industry, and in recent years.

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