network marketing questions for prospect

network marketing questions for prospect

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Network marketing prospecting can be of two ways.  It can run very well or It can embarrass you and make you feel insecure. In today’s post, I am going to tell you about Network marketing questions for prospects. It will really help you on how to prospect in network marketing with excitement to do it again and again.


Network Marketing Questions for Prospect

Network marketing questions for prospect
What questions should I ask a prospect?

I know you always think of What questions should I ask a prospect?

When you are searching for prospects online or offline, it is important to have good and qualified Network marketing questions for prospects! They are Network marketing qualifying questions that really interest your prospect to learn more about your products, services or opportunities rather than talking to them about your company is the best


Once you understand this in your business, you are going to produce many results with very little resistance in your network marketing prospect strategies. That answer the commonly asked question by newbie in network marketing business “How can I become successful in network marketing?”


Network marketing questions to ask prospects question should not be boring questions like “You will be really good at what I am doing” or “I think you will like what you are doing”


This kind of network marketing questions for prospects causes a lot of resistance. They actually talk about you rather than knowing how your product, service, or opportunity can benefit your prospect.


Network marketing questions for prospect
network marketing recruiting questions

I can understand your fear is about, “am I going to remember everything about my product” and “am I going to know every answer to every question they (prospects) have?


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Asking qualified network marketing questions makes people think about what they want and how they can get there. It also makes them think about how ready they are to achieve their goals and dreams.


If you qualified your prospects with mind opening questions in network marketing.  It allows them to see if they really need something to help them. This leaves them open to hearing your solutions (network marketing opportunities)


Network marketing questions for prospect to open your invitation or presentation


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You need to seek permission from your prospects before you present your opportunity. A lot of people are doing it wrong in network marketing business. How can you send someone a friends request and the next message you send is about how your business is the best. Stop doing it the wrong way! You should have a network marketing question for your prospects.


That is how to separate suspects from prospects!


Once you’ve established the possibility your prospects are really open for your opportunity. Then use the following any of following Network marketing questions for prospects. The response will be a bedrock or foundation for your invitation or presentation


So what exactly are you looking for?


What are your dreams and goals?


Where would you like to say in 3 years?


What are you doing to get yourself there?


How do you plan to achieve these goals, do you have a plan?


You should not be surprised as most people have no plans. They are frustrated with their financial life and need a solution. Once you hit your prospect and find out what they really want in life.

Then is the right time to use some of network marketing questions for prospects below


If I had something you could find solution to achieve your dream, would you be willing to take a look?


Do you see how this approach keeps them busy and eager?


People need to listen. They don’t want to hear how great your company and products in the market. They need solutions and you are the solution provider.

You can leverage these powerful questions to ask your Network Marketing prospects. They are to help them discover their mostly desire goals in life

I’m just curious…………………………..

If I give you………………………………….

May I ask you a simple question……………………………….

Would you mind if I share a short story with you?

Can I get your opinion on something……………………….


You are likely to be asked to continue by your prospect. You will rarely find answers to such questions and they will only keep your prospects engaged.


Here are some examples from the above network marketing questions for prospects


Do you mind if I ask you a simple question? What are you doing now to prepare for retirement?


I’m just curious … have you ever considered making a living from your home?


Can you share with me how much money you take seriously on a monthly basis? And will this money be for 1 hour a day for 2 years if you know what to do?


After the “interview” your prospect will say “yes” several times and they will listen to your video or your audio presentation. Will keep open


This has been an amazing strategy for me. I’m just going to call to see if they’re open and watching and if we’ve never met we’ll start a relationship.

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If my prospect starts asking a lot of questions about the company or product, for which I use short teasers, but I never go into too much information. This is where I send back the energy of the conversation about who they are and what they want. Once set up, I use tools to help define my opportunities or products. I am talking about 3rd part tool such as pdf, audio or video presentation


Have an interactive conversation with them, encourage them, and then give them a tool to explain your opportunities or products. Wash and repeat the process!

Follow up questions in Network marketing is your next step to close the sales for your network marketing business. You will need to compliment a good network marketing questions for prospect with effective network marketing closing scripts


I hope these tips will help you to recruit qualified prospects into your team


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