Lessons From Uche Ekekezie

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Uche Ekekezie, she is a entrepreneur and proprietress of Ja’na Variety Limited, a highly utilitarian and outfit well established on the highly brow area of Toyin street, Ikeja. It was her love for playing with scent, shape, colors and flowers arrangements that provided the initial impetus on cake decoration.

She became quite inquisitive to know the ins and outs of cake making. What did she do to satisfy her curiosity? She did not go to a conventional catering school as she was already pursuing a university education by then.

She bought herself lots of baking catalogues and began to study some of the unique recipes. She said, “Because the catalogues describe how cakes could be made with the various recipes, l began to bake cakes during holidays ” With the above zeal, the industrious sociology graduate literally threw herself into the business of baking which translated into a good amount of pocket money for her whenever she was going back to School.

She began baking for anybody who wanted to make a small birthday cake. She said “They gave me because they thought l learnt how to bake from some conventional place. And some l always get it, their confidence in me grew; l discovered that my cake was popular! People kept coming back”

She not only maintained those recipes, she equally tried in the meantime to develop others. She turned cake making into her hobby.

After graduating, she started working but she lost her job which she felt was going to give her a start in life after university. Then her hobby came to her rescue. There was no room for despair. She used her hobby as a primary means of income.

Now, there are lots of people who make cakes. What is special about this particular self-tutored Baker who beats her chest and proclaims the quality and uniqueness and attractiveness of her recipes? Uche Ekekezie says that God deposited a vast amount of talents in her resulting in her capacity for artistic design cakes” l like to design something different ,not just round cake, not the conventional cake… sometimes; somebody builds a house and gave me the plans of the house to design something like house.

When you come to the house opening ceremony, and see it, you know that this cake is this house.” She had equally constructed a ship and had design a cake in the shape of a computer for a computer Engineer on his wedding .The unique thing is that these are designs you can never duplicate..

Uche Ekekezie’ s hobby and specialization has grown from one source of income to multiple streams of income. A mustard seed has a way of growing into a great tree where even mighty birds do perch.

This is becoming the inevitable case with Ja’ na .Originally made to cater for the “messy” baking business where they bake delicious cakes. It now has a bakery where they bake delicious bread and all sorts of fast food.

Ja’na has a section where they sell gifts and accessories. This section is called Ja’na market lace where you will see continental clothing, gifts, perfumes and all sorts of utilitarian accessories. Ekekezie stocks her market place with assorted items from the vest boutique around the world.

The latest in the strategic addition to the Ja’na Family is the Ja’na cyber cafe where the Ja’na internet service at reduced rates. All these additions came as a result of a hobby turned trade .And Ekekezie is very proud of Ja’na cake design because “They are unique special and custom- designed for every occasion.”

The lessons we can learn from Uche Ekekezie and adopt into our life are:

# Your hobby can be a goldmine .use it wisely.

# Work on your areas interest. Do not kill your dream.

# invest in your self-development. Read books and materials that will help you. Self-development is a must.

# act on the knowledge that comes your way. Take action.

# create with time multiple streams of income

# Start with what you have oh matter how little it is.

# always have plan B

# Investment is a must .be patient and do not look for shortcut

# Trade your way to financial security and freedom.

Dedicated to your financial freedom……………

Durodola Bolaji

A network marketer, entrepreneur and investor, I am happily married with kids. I reside in Ibadan and run a company in Northern side of Nigeria. I am currently earning passive income working from the comfort of my home using the Internet, email, and the telephone with an incredible sense of security and peace of mind. I've been earning a full-time income from home online since 2014, mostly within the network marketing and direct sales industry, and in recent years.

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