How to prospect for network marketing on facebook as a beginner

How to prospect for network marketing on facebook as a beginner

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If you are in search on how to prospect for network marketing on facebook as a beginner. This blog post can save you valuable time.


I want to tell you how you should use Facebook to recruit into network marketing business


Facebook has over 2 billion users so it’s a great medium to grow your network marketing business

In one of my last post, I discuss What Not To Do For Your MLM Facebook Marketing Strategies

Success in MLM is really about finding the right prospects for your products and business opportunities.


Finding people you can connect with and (finally) introduce your opportunities.


There is a huge supply of people on Facebook. So you need to know the right way to use Facebook for network marketing.

Why do people use Facebook to prospect for network marketing ?


First you need to understand about Facebook. Don’t go for the Facebook plan sold to people.


They want to have fun there.


People go to Facebook because they are angry and they want to be entertained, which makes them laugh and sometimes make them think.

They’re using it to connect with friends and family.


People don’t turn to Facebook in search of ads. They do not look for business opportunities.


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The important point here is that Facebook is designed to bring people together in a social environment, not in a business setting.


So, if you try to sell your opportunity directly, they will ignore you or befriend you.

How to prospect for network marketing on Facebook as a beginner : Right way to do it


When I see people trying to promote or recruit for their network marketing business on Facebook, I often see them making similar mistakes. Most network marketers spend countless hours on Facebook using ineffective strategies (little or no success)!


By “useless and ineffective strategies” I mean pitching your company and product over and over with every post or message. Such as:


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Publish photos and videos regularly about the “incredible” product or company you are promoting. Sending a friend request is to connet with cold audience who look like good prospects and then, as soon as they accept, immediately pull them into their place.


Sell your business opportunities or related products, or whatever.
Spamming Facebook groups with copied and pasted messages.


I know them all because I used them all in the beginning, and to no avail.


The truth about how to prospect for network marketing on facebook is that no one wants to go on the Facebook pitch or miss an MLM opportunity. So the first and only thing you can do for people is just to start with what you have in common.


People will only connect with people they know, like and trust. Telling someone directly how great your company and its products are will not help your know, like and trust from them!

How to prospect for network marketing on facebook as a beginner  – Right way


How to prospect for network marketing on facebook as a beginner


People are never ready to join your company, but if they know you, like you and trust you, they will be interested in joining you.


Think about it … your company has thousands of distributors. Each distributor is offering an exact product and compensation plan. So what difference does it make if they join you with someone else?


It doesn’t matter if you’re all promoting your company and its products – you’re the only one trying to sell them.


So you need your Facebook presence about yourself.

How to prospect for network marketing on facebook as a beginner – It’s All About You


Network marketing is a relationship business. It has always been and always will be. You didn’t join your company because you suddenly decided one day “Hey I want to join the best MLM company with the best products and the best compensation plan!” And then searched for it.


You joined your company because everyone knows what you like, and Faith has asked you to join. If the same person introduced you to a different company that also had the best product and compensation plan, you could join.


This is how the MLM recruitment lead on Facebook works. No one is on Facebook to find the best network marketing company to join. But if they meet someone on Facebook and they know, like and trust them, they may be open to seeing and engaging in that person’s MLM opportunities.


So with network marketing on Facebook, you have to focus most of your energy on building relationships. Because without it, you wouldn’t need to know and trust people. So you will never get a sale or sign up.

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This is the part about MLM Facebook recruitment that a lot of “experts” get lost or shine on, but it’s really the most important part.

Build your hot market audience on Facebook

In fact, the key to success in network marketing on Facebook is to build a targeted audience – filling your friends list with ambitious people, influential people, potential business people, high achievers, and more.


Are you like a lot of other people who get involved in network marketing thinking that the people we talk to are just going to buy and join us? Have you just discovered that your hot market is not of interest?


Well, Facebook gives you an amazing opportunity to quickly create a new hot market and fill it with the most ambitious people on the Internet. Will it help your business?

Finding the right people/audience


So where do you get all these horrible people?

The easiest way to find them is to search through Facebook groups.

Facebook groups is a big ocean for your target audience


Let me share procedure on how to successfully do your network marketing recruit on Facebook as a beginner


1) Find people who have similar interests as you. So you can join Facebook Groups which interest you. For example, if you’re in a health and wellness MLM, join some Facebook groups centered around health and wellness, fitness, nutrition etc.


Think about what groups your ideal prospect may join and be active in.


Is it a group about Fitness? Weight loss? Travel? Technology?


If you want to target people who are more interested in business opportunities, think about groups about business, home business, investment, and more.


2) Start a conversation with the people in this group. Look at the people in the group who are commenting or commenting on the post and doing it in a positive and thoughtful way. You are looking for people who are active and engaged and who can be a good addition to your team.


Be a real person about it. Once you recognize a good prospect, like and comment on their post, or if they have commented on a post, respond to their comments.


Again, think about these tasks that you should regularly understand why you are commenting.

You also want to be active in the group and make your posts and comments. When people comment on your post or give some interesting feedback on your comments, this is the perfect opportunity to make a connection!


3) Build relationships.

Once you have time to connect with the right people, it’s time to reach out to your friends list and invite them. You only have to reply to the first post or comment in this group.


You want to say something like “100% agree”! [Explain why you agree]. Check your message requests to send you PM 🙂 ”

So in addition, send them private messages in Facebook Messenger. Try to say something like, “Hey [name], I saw your comment in the [group name] group and thought you’re at this place!” If you send me Friend Request, I’d love to be more involved.


If they accept, then you should only send a friend request. Hey, if they don’t react negatively or don’t react, you don’t just send a friend request. Facebook has more than 2 billion users.


Keep your messages private and do not reply like robots copy and paste. Learn to say “hi” online and ask some questions. Talk to them about you. Get to know them and tell them.


4) Once they accept your friendliness request. Then you need to build trust and harmony. When you have some confidence and confidence after a loan and if you feel that their opportunity is right for you, then go ahead and ask if they are free to look at your opportunities.


The key here is to show genuine interest, talk to people and connect with people. You want to know what this person really needs, so you can tell them the real solution to their problem.

How to prospect for network marketing on facebook  as a beginner

Do you ask them to take interest in your network marketing opportunities? How do you do all this?


As I mentioned, the key is to elevate the status quo and show genuine interest, interact and communicate with people. Once you know what this person really needs, you can tell them the solution to their problem.


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For you want to attract and target people that would be more interested in a business opportunity, look for groups about home business, extra income, earn more money, investment opportunities , etc.


Once you join those groups share a valuable content and keep engaging on that people post as well.


What challenges are you facing in your business ?


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