How To Overcome 10 biggest fears in network marketing business

How To Overcome 10 biggest fears in network marketing business

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I want to share 10 biggest fears in network marketing business with you. I will also tell you 10 solutions to help you overcome them in this post


1. Fear of rejection (feeling of being rejected) is one of the biggest fears in network marketing


It really hurts and lingers a long time in your brain. So it one of the biggest fears for
network marketer but rejection isn’t a reflection on you.


It doesn’t mean that there was something
lacking in you. It about your prospects or their perception about the business opportunity.


It will very good if don’t approach each prospect thinking you’ll be rejected


But you have to focus on your passion for networking business and take each rejection as an opportunity to become stronger.


Some will say yes some will say no and when someone says no you say next


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2. Hunted by self-doubt is another fears in network marketing


The voice of self-doubt is always around you unless you’ve already learned to suppress it.

It can be quite strong to hold you back from taking opportunities or even making an attempt

My candid suggestion for you is to be mindful the minute you feel self-doubt popping up in your mind.

Kindly stop what you are doing to make a list of everything you have overcome and achieve so far in life


Then, say it to yourself over and over your main why you start in the first place


If you really need to talk to people when it gets really bad then look for leaders in mlm industry.

Those have a good record of success in the business. You can consult your upline for assist to connect with these people.

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3. Urge to quit (fear of losing)


This can make you want to give up and quit especially when the going gets tough


I want to tell you this, hang in there because even the biggest storms have to pass


The next time the urge hits you should stop  and rethink.


You should think about why you started in network marketing business in the first place


You should think about what dream you wanted to achieve and then think again.


Do you really want to quit? or Do you want to take one more step and then see how it goes?


When in doubt always take one more step than you feel like success is always just one more step away


4. Anxiety about approaching prospects10 biggest fears in network marketing

Solution to mlm fears

Approaching strangers is always a daunting task even if you are at the top of your game

This is another one of the most common fears of in network marketing business

Thats why the gurus adviced you start with people within your circle of trust. I mean your friends and family. Although they may not join but you can still practice on them


You will have to think of prospecting as the act of sharing something you deeply love with another person who could benefit from it


The way you have benefited set achievable and realistic goals and don’t expect overnight results. Having realistic expectations and understanding that prospecting takes time just like reaping a crop after you sow


Remember that most people would not have
the guts to do what you are doing and that itself makes you special


5. Dread about negativity around network marketing


Even though network marketing company is a legit business. Many people still belief it to be a scam or a waste of time.


Those could be a victim of scam in the past or those that could not get over success in their past company


Instead of being fearful of people’s reactions educate yourself on the latest and most accurate information about network marketing


Always seek answers or solutions to any challenges or questions you have in the industry.


6. Stress over talking about network marketing


Every time you feel stressed about talking to people about your network marketing opportunity. Remember that preparation is key.


A closed mouth is like a closed shop or office


When you are well prepared you have nothing to worry about. Do your homework learn everything you need to know about inviting, presenting, closing and follow up


You should always anticipate potential questions and learn the answers


Remember practice makes perfect it’s only a matter of time before you become an expert in all things direct selling


You should never hesitate to reach out to your friends and your mentors for advice


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7. Fear of not fulfilling dreams in your lifetime

The struggle is real as is FOMO( fear of missing out)


If you worry that you will die before you can fulfill your dreams. Then don’t leave your dreams to tomorrow start this very moment


You don’t need to wait for an auspicious time or date to work on your fulfilling your dreams


Where possible remove tomorrow from your
vocabulary and your excuses list

10 biggest fears in network marketing
Solution for Fear in Network Marketing


That way you can go about life knowing
that at the very least you have given it your all


8 Worry about having regrets


Regret is a hard feeling to get over but what’s worse than regret is the fear of regret


We put many of our dreams on hold because we worry incessantly about whether we will regret it in the long term or not


Try not to overthink it and next time the worry pops up just drown it out and do the action anyway


Don’t stress out wondering if you’re making a mistake because even a mistake is a learning a new lesson that will make you stronger and better


The fear is often worse than the reality

In the words of a popular shoe brand,

“just do it”


9. Horror of negative thoughts breaking news

Negativity is toxic and negative thoughts will drown out anything positive in your life

It helps to build up a barrier against it by creating habits that will help you in the long run. Hence, find your crew and surround yourself with them. Whenever you feel negativity taking over start writing down all the positives in a situation to help you overcome your negative thoughts


10. Scared about network marketing being called a scam


If you’ve taken a leap of faith in network marketing business and have stuck with it


Then you know for a fact that network marketing business is not a scam. There’s a reason you are part of this direct selling journey. And the reason you want to spread the good news


The next time someone uses the scam word equip yourself with this information


So you have the right tools to deal with any baseless accusations that are thrown your way


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