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Trading cryptocurrency during crypto bear market could cause anxiety. Your portfolio can be up 100% one day and down almost exactly the same percentage the next day.

It can be nauseating to experience your first crypto bear market, especially if you purchased at some of the market’s historic highs during the most recent bull run. For experienced investors, it’s all just a part of the journey. 

But for the someone who is a beginner in crypto space , the first among most things to get started is understanding of bear market crypto meaning.

A cryptocurrency bear market offers many seasoned investors special opportunities and advantages for their long-term plan.

Crypto bear Market

And it might continue forever. However, what if it is simply “down”? Can you safeguard your financial assets? Is there a plan to combat the crypto market bear market? Is there ever a way?

When the crypto bear market occurs, what to do in a bear market crypto?

Actually, most cryptocurrency owners start selling their coins rather than retaining them as the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continues to plummet.

Although it is not lucrative to sell cryptocurrencies at low prices, some owners do so out of anxiety. The majority of cryptocurrency investors claim that buying cryptocurrencies is best done during a bear market.

Therefore, it can be an opportunity for cryptocurrency traders to buy more coins while they wait for the market to stabilize once more. Bear Market gave rise to the adage “If it

When the cryptocurrency market is struggling, you should keep in mind the following guide:

They are some of the most common crypto bear market methods for your capital safety .

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The tactics for bear market in crypto

Imagine that you awaken one morning to find that the cryptocurrency market has decreased by 10%. It doesn’t really matter to you because it isn’t a huge problem.

What happens, though, when 10% increases to 15%, 25%, 35%, or 55%?

Nothing happens when you try to access your cryptocurrency exchange (remember, this has happened before). You’re becoming enraged, furious, and anxious. What will become of your money? How can you help yourself out?

1. Avoid selling in a panic and log off of social media.

Unfortunately, many who are against cryptocurrency mock and laugh at it online on platforms like Facebook and Instagram when the market is down which can raise your level of anxiety.

Take a moment and Be at ease. 

Relax. You can’t move your money since your portifolio are probably down or there are some loss of value because due volatility.

The losses that are there in front of you are all unrealized. If you sell, then you only lose.

 Don’t too Worry! 

bear market crypto

Dips happen and they’re excellent; often, crypto-coins dip and then recover. The hardest thing to deal with during a bad market is emotions.

You’ll typically have to pay more if you sell your cryptocurrency after the initial, brief panic and then buy it again after the market stabilizes.

By choosing the best currency to invest in, you may escape the scenario rather than being troubled.

2. HODL as a crypto strategy for bear market

When the cryptocurrency market declines, many cryptocurrency investors change their holdings into fiat money.

One of the most reliable digital assets on the market is bitcoin.

Holding bitcoins will allow you to return to the market at a more advantageous period without worrying about losing money during the volatility of the crypto market.

However, if you are you have old altcoins like ETH, BNB, SOL ,ADA etc. Holding them for next bull run is your best decision

3. Crypto Bear Market Swing Trading or Investing

Cryptocurrency owners who are eager to devote a lot of time to fervently managing their digital asset holdings during a bad market convert their passive cryptocurrency holdings to swing trading holdings.

Swing trading exploits transient price movement in the crypto-coins chart as opposed to searching for a significant macrotrend.

When the crypto market is down, seasoned investors can profit from microtrends by purchasing at lows and selling at highs.

4. Transfer crypto into stablecoins like USDT 

You may quickly convert your cryptos into stablecoins if you genuinely want to revert your money.

The price of stablecoins is intended to be correlated to another cryptocurrency, fiat currency, or exchange-traded commodities (such as precious metals or industrial metals).

You can transfer your funds back to the currency of your choice once the bear market in crypto begins until you see a sign of next bull run.

By first refusing to follow the crowd, you can easily avoid suffering severe financial hardships. Additionally, if necessary, use this opportunity to assess your exit strategy.

5. Spread Your Crypto Portfolio As A Crypto bear Market Approach

“No Trading” is the wisest course of action during the current dip of the cryptocurrency market.

Profit from the crypto bear market is possible if you diversify your portfolio of cryptocurrency investments and purchase some worthwhile altcoins.

The drawback to this technique is that the investor must sell some of their cryptocurrency holdings at less than optimal pricing.

So, if you are holding some good coins its an opportunity for your portifolio as you can still sell those in profit so as to buy the dip of other good crypto projects or coins

6. Aim for your new profit target

Low prices as a result of the bear market also indicate fresh chances. Use this period once the market has settled to seek for new coins.

New investors will be drawn in by the bargain prices, and it goes without saying that such purchases will cause prices to soar irrationally.

BUT keep in mind to only take this technique into account after protecting your portfolio from any further significant swings or losses.

If you have the resources, you can position yourself for the upcoming bull market, increasing your chances of parabolic gains.

7. Apply dollar-cost averaging

Take the time to accumulate utilizing efficient dollar-cost averaging as your crypto bear market trading approach.

crypto bear market 2022

The goal of dollar-cost averaging (DCA), according to Investopedia, is to lessen the effect of volatility on the entire purchase by spreading out the total amount to be invested among periodic purchases of a target asset.

No matter how expensive the asset is, regular purchases are made.

Sounds challenging? To put it simply, your purchasing power has grown in proportion to the market’s decline.

Top 10 coins are fantastic DCA objectives and could swell your portfolio, allowing any additional losses to slide off your back.

However as a beginner in crypto market, I will strongly advice you start with only bitcoin.

Once learn better you can then use DCA for other coins

Watch this video on How To Auto Invest on BInance using DCA approach

8. Discard your emotions.

This and the first are somewhat comparable. So, are you familiar with the phrase “Wall of Worry”? If not, the Wall of worry is the financial markets’ recurring propensity to overcome numerous drawbacks and keep rising.

According to Investopedia, the term “wall of worry” is frequently used in relation to the stock markets to describe their tenacity when encountering a momentary roadblock rather than a long-term obstacle to a market rise.

Every financial market in the globe is affected by this.

This is when inexperienced investors make poor, irrational choices.

Remember to remain calm and refrain from trading out of emotion as the bear market continues.

By first refusing to follow the crowd, you can easily avoid suffering severe financial hardships.

Additionally, if necessary, use this opportunity to assess your exit strategy.

9. Staking crypto as a strategy for bear market

Diminished gains are undesirable for any cryptocurrency portfolio. However, if you have a long-term plan to hold, you can bolster falling prices by staking your cryptocurrency so that you can profit from it.

In order to achieve passive income that allows you to profit regardless of price, you will lock your cryptocurrency onto a certain blockchain for a predetermined period of time.

Numerous exchanges and DeFi protocols are still providing high APYs for staking despite the imminent possibility of a bear market.

Of course, there is danger involved with staking as well if the underlying asset’s value is not increasing.

But even in these situations, staking will still help you accumulate more assets overall.

Selecting a shorter-term staking time is your greatest option for lowering risk.

Choose a platform that pays out staking incentives often, and stay away from anything that seems too good to be true.

While you can, minimize your losses without stress of looking for crypto bear market prediction. Crypto staking go you covered!

10. Leave the market

Exiting the market is not really a plan, to be honest.

You can always take the exit, though, if the turbulence, crashes, and FUDs (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) become too much for you.

However, we strongly advise waiting till everything has settled.

So before you leave, consider these questions. Is it still coherent? Should I make a change?

Simply remove the stress from the situation and apply logic to maintain the strength of your departure strategy.

Put your money into other tangible assets, such as precious metals, land, or real estate, if you can.

All of these are valuable and ought to be included in everyone’s portfolio. Investing is all about control, time, and research. It is crucial to keep in mind these during a down market.


Due to the dip in the cryptocurrency market, don’t make snap judgments. It won’t be profitable to sell cryptocurrencies during the cryptocurreny bear market at such a low price.

Instead, by purchasing more cryptocurrencies, investors have the opportunity to make more money in the future.

Always keep in mind that the economy functions in such a way that recovery is more likely to occur following a recession.

Therefore, while these methods can’t make miracles for your portfolio, they may be quite helpful when a market is down, which implies that if you adopt one of them, your losses will be limited. Remember:

1. Avoid selling in a panic and log off of social media.

2. HODL as a crypto strategy for bear market

3. Swing Trading or Investing

4. Transfer crypto into stablecoins like USDT 

5. Spread Your Crypto Portfolio Approach

6. Aim for your new profit target

7. Apply dollar-cost averaging

8. Discard your emotions.

9. Staking crypto as a strategy for bear market

10. Leave the crypto bear market

Overall, not everyone should invest in cryptocurrencies.

When your portfolio is up 100%, you still have to deal with the emotions, dips, market psychology, and fear from rumor online.

But if you adhere to these easy guidelines, it might be less stressful and more entertaining to observe: do your homework, be alert to scams, and only spend money you can afford to lose.

Every smart crypto participants are always looking for the next bear market crypto.

They are not after day to day trading but majorly focus on bear market in crypto.

Hence, they will buy during last crypto bear market, wait for next bull crypto market and sell.

They keep rinsing and repeating this crypto market bearish approach for profit without stress.

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