How to get qualified prospects into your network marketing business

How to get qualified prospects into your network marketing business

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Professional recruiters spend time in front of qualified prospects while Amateurs spend time in front of anyone and everyone.

To give you an idea of the inefficiency of making presentations to unqualified prospects, let’s look at the following example.

Mr Joe Distributor’s appointments take about two hours each. The actual presentation is only 30 or 40 minutes, but travel time and waiting time add an extra 1½ hours. This means that Mr Joe can only make two appointments per evening after he leaves his job.

If Mr Joe Distributor makes 10 appointments with unqualified prospects, he wastes an entire week. This is how discouragement can begin to grow.

What professional recruiters need is a system to rate or measure prospects. We don’t want to waste hours with impossible, unqualified prospects. That’s working hard, not smart. What if we worked with just one good, qualified prospect each week? Our results would be far greater than making hopeless presentations to 10 unqualified, time-wasting prospects.

Keeping busy making presentations doesn’t count; making presentations to qualified prospects pays the bills. Just think of the mileage we get from one, good, qualified prospect. Our superstar can build 30 or 40 distributors quickly.

Our hopeless prospects will spend the same time whining why the opportunity isn’t working for them.This is why professional recruiters separate their prospects into 3 categories.

Wait a minute!

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Now lets discuss categories of prospects

Category A:

Qualified prospect with potential

These prospects can make our business boom. Our job is to locate them. They are potential leaders and self-starters.

Category B:

Prospects that have possibilities

There is a 50/50 chance that they could be worthwhile, or a complete waste of time.

Category C:

Worthless, time-wasting, unqualified prospects

Losers spend their time trying to re-program these time wasters. The business of sorting prospects into three categories is not difficult. It can make the difference between success and failure.



As professionals, we realize we must spend our time only with A and B prospects. The challenge is: “How do we know who is an A or B prospect without wasting a lot of time?”

The answer: PROFESSIONAL ICEBREAKERS which has to with network marketing questions to ask prospects. Let’s first define an icebreaker.

An icebreaker is a conversation starter, something that guides the conversation to a desired topic. The secret is to have the icebreaker give you enough information to determine if your prospect is an A, B, or C by using qualifying questions for mlm prospects.

One solution to the professional dilemma is the Two Magic Questions. In the ten seconds it takes to use this icebreaker, we break the ice and qualify our prospects as an A, B, or C prospect! This is the power of the Two Magic Questions icebreaker and why professional recruiters use it regularly.

Why guess or waste time on C prospects when the 10 seconds Two Magic Questions icebreaker will solve our sorting problem? This is best mlm prospecting scripts, however the bottom line is: Don’t prejudge your prospects.

Use the Two Magic Questions approach to become a professional, efficient recruiter.

Sample of magic questions can be found using any of the following:

  • 👉 Network marketing survey questionnaire
  • 👉 Network marketing questions and answers
  • 👉 Follow up questions in network marketing

I would create post about how to use any of the above to get magic questions to qualified your prospects

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