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You can use free internet access on your smartphone.

I was surprised too when I found out the trick.
As you know Internet and the use of data works i work hands in hands with each other. Infact, you can not access the internet without the use of data.

But, I discovered how to access internet without mobile data on your smartphone.
This is not hacking or free browsing cheat, but its a technical way of free internet access on your phone.

The purpose of this training is for education purpose

It will save you of boring data network while in poor network area. You could have some certain trending news and updates that you will like to have access.

But the means of getting such news will only be possible if there is internet connection and possibly a little data.

This doesn’t mean free browsing or free bonus offer from any network provider. Let me guide you on how to access the internet for free without the use of data and internet connection.



Steps on How to have free internet access Without the Use o data or Internet Connection

1. You need to download offline browser.
The app is available in your playstore.
It helps you to download and save any news, pictures and stories from any sites, thereby enabling you to access the internet for free without the use of data and internet connection. You can download it here

2. Install and launch the app. This gives you access to make use of the app

3. After installing the app. Open the app, then click on the blue icon beneath the app. It looks like a plus signal.

4. It then takes you to another feature where you are required to fill in any website of you choice. You can do that by copying any website then paste it on it.

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Now lets continue
5. Click on OK. After clicking on OK. It automatically extract all the data’s from the site into the app. You can add multiple sites of your choice

6. Turn of your data. Then go back to the app. Click on any site of your choice on that app. And guess what, you can now start reading any news or gists from that site without any internet connection or data

Just before you go.

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