How to create curiosity in network marketing business

How to create curiosity in network marketing business

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If you would like to create curiosity for  your network marketing business then you need to read this.


In this post, I will teach you how to create curiosity for network marketing business. As a network marketer you are loosing out of serious prospects to join your business because you are doing it wrong!


I know you love your company.

I know you love your products.

Thats why you join in the first place. Its because of your that you could recommend them for your friends and family.

But you need to control your own excitement. You have to focus on how to get your Prospects excited about your network marketing.

You are talking too much about having best product, about your fantastic compentional plan and even the personality of your company owner or directors.

I agree all these are vital information but its pissing off your target audience.


You can watch the video training below 👇


No wonder people are not joining you even after you have told them so many great an enticing information about your company.

There are some bad things that occurred whenever you give away all the details about your network marketing opportunity.

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Number 1

You are killing the curiosity. There’s no need for your prospect to message you or even call you again after all, you have given all the details in your post

Number 2

You are looking like a desperate person: Who is only interested in the commission if they join you

Number 3

Your audience do not care about your company details but what will benefit them. I mean what they stand to gain by joining your opportunity. Furthermore your audience will not shouting around the social media like you do every day without getting result. They will be asking themselves can I do this?

Remember the more detail you give the less you sound like an expert and the less people will join you.

How to create curiosity for your network marketing business

Imagine your prospects see you himself doing the same thing you for an hour or two hours every day.

He will tell you I don’t have time when you prospect him. When you are talking too much, when you are saying too much. You are killing curiosity and possibly your success in network marketing business.

How to create a curiosity around your network marketing opportunity.


You need to apply a simple formula. I am talking about a simple System that can be duplicated by your downlines or team members. This simple formula is a marketing tools provided by your company.

This will really make your audience to think like.

Hey, I can do this too. Hey tell me more.

I am very sure your company gave some tools when you registered. You need to find out the effective marketing tools from your upline or registered members in your company.

Once you have gotten that.

Carry out the following exercise.

Invite 5 to 10 people to take a look at the video everyday

Ask them to watch with time commitment.

Yes, you need to ask them questions as explained in go pro by eric worre

If I send you a video presentation would you watch it?

If you get yes as response.

By 8pm tomorrow you would have watch the video? This is time commitment

You will ensure you reach out to them at the agreed time for follow up

e.g If I message your or call you by 9pm tomorrow, you would have watch the video

Thats follow up time commitment.

So if he ask for more information, send them another pdf or marketing tools of your company.

Once you are doing this, you are giving your prospects believe that, its simple for him to do as well. That will make him think everyone can send video or audio or even invite people to have a look at the opportunity.

If you could apply this marketing style. You will stand to enjoy the following benefits

It takes less time to prospect

Its saves you time of presenting one by one

You won’t be so much affected when someone says No

You are only sharing opportunities and not selling.

If you get value from this post, kind drop what you have learnt below and share it with your friends.


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