How to be rich if you are lazy

How to be rich if you are lazy

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How To Be Rich If You’re Lazy


I remember growing up as a boy and having my family members warning me, “Be hard working because you’re a man”.


Like most places in the world, my culture makes hard working seems as the most important thing for anyone who want to be rich or successful.


Can lazy people become rich?


While this post wasn’t made to discourage hardworking, I like to show you how to be rich if you’re lazy. After all, some people, like myself just don’t have strong bones like others.




Understand what the new lazy means

In the days of our forefathers, being lazy means that you can’t work 8 hours on the farm, you can’t hunt to kill tiger or you can’t fight to defeat other men in the village or lead a war against the neighboring village. It was all about physical strengths.

Today, the opposite is the truth.

Today, lazy people are not those who cannot fight or kill animals, lazy people are those who cannot think, create or innovate.

Henry Ford said, “Thinking is the hardest work therein” and that’s truer now than when Ford said it over a century ago.

If you’re one of those who are stigmatized as being lazy, here is a good news for you; You’re probably more hardworking than most people who think you’re lazy.

The world has changed.

Stop focusing on your physical strengths.

Your real power in the 21st Century is the power of your mind.

Improve your mind, read good books and take time to think and question the status quo.

Be willing to change things, to innovate the existing ways of doing things and to commercialize your innovation, this way, you’ll become richer than those who think they are physically hard working.

But how do you get things done when you’re lazy?

Check the second point;


Learn how to delegate

Learn to leverage on others people time, effort and skills. That’s the tool of lazy rich people.

To get rich when you are lazy, do these two things very well;


First, I invest in your  mind more than other people you know

Second, delegate a lot.


Once you invest a lot of time to improve your mind, you can easily discover how to improve your business. After you discover how you can improve your business, it’s a lot easier to get someone to do most things you need to do.


This is what I call, “The lazy man to wealth”.


Don’t think it’s as easy as it sounds now, but I tell you, most things you were made to believe about hard work are bullshit.


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Choose two important things every day

how to get rich when you are lazyDenzel Washinton said, “Don’t confuse movement with progress. That you’re doing a lot doesn’t mean you’re getting a lot done” Most people who think they are hardworking are simply doing a lot.

Movement isn’t the same as progress.

If you’re a lazy person like myself, here is laziest way to make money;

Wake up every day to ask yourself what two things are very important to your success that day.

Focus strictly on doing those two things and doing them excellently well and you’ll achieve more in few years than most people because most people are not doing the important things, instead, they are doing anything that caught their attention.


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Take baby steps every day

When I started online business over years ago, as expected, there were thousands of things to be done and I didn’t have money to run ads or do seminar.

What I did was very simple; Do the little but important things every day.

Yes, this made my journey longer but guess what, I was still able to achieve ten times more than most people over a long period of time.


You see, most people of the world are not doing anything meaningful.

Believe me, I’m telling you the truth.


According to a study, an average sales person spend only 90 minutes every day on productive activities. An average Nigeria spends more than 8 hours consuming different media every day. Most people who seem to be hard working are not working on anything significant so if you’re lazy and you can concentrate your efforts and take little baby steps every day,

you’ll still end up being richer and more successful than most people.



Use technologies to automate your business

My business has about has a blog.

Social media has really help in using automated technologies that help me in marketing and sales conversions.

Technologies are doing for me, what I should have being doing several hours every day.

This is my advice for you;

Get education about how different technologies work and learn how to use them for your advantage.


A website can make you money while you’re sleeping. Some automated bots can be programmed as autoresponder that sell your products when you’re sleeping.


In fact, social media or even this post you’re reading can making me money while I sleep,

that is another how to be rich when you are lazy.


Get education.

Improve your mind and you’ll have less need of your bones.

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Redefine what being rich means

can lazy people become rich?




But there’s a problem and that’s, you have to redefine what riches means to YOU.


To many people in the world, riches is when you are a billionaire, drive Ferrari and lamboginni and living in the most expensive house in your city.

I don’t agree with that.

For me, riches is when I’m able to live my life the way I want to without having to need to please anyone.

If I wake up in the morning, do what a love to do, not what I have to do, eat what I want to eat, not what I have to eat, go where I love to go and not where I have to go, work with people I want to work with not with people I have to work with and sleep at night without alarm because I can wake up either by 6 AM or by 12 noon, to me, that’s riches.


If you’re lazy, you might have to redefine what riches means to you, not necessarily what everyone thinks it is.

The reason why this is important is because hoping to get all the money in the world before you’ll feel successful will frustrate you.


In summary, How to be rich if you are lazy;

• Understand that the truly lazy people of the 21 Century are those who are lazy in mind. Improve your mind and use it.


• Learn how to get other people to do for you what you ought to do. Employ and delegate others to get the tough works done.

• Choose 2 important things every day and focus on their completion. Take baby steps every day and you’ll achieve more than most people.

• Use technologies to automate your business so you can make money, even while you’re not working

• Redefine what being rich means, Seek money to get freedom, not to impress others.


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