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How would you answer some of the most dangerous questions in network marketing?


In this post, I will explain how to answer the 10 most dangerous questions of network marketing. So that you can help your  prospects on How to start successful network marketing business 

These are the questions that are usually asked about mlm possibilities and these ten questions can change the mindset of possibilities and will contact you.


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But for the answers to these questions, you have to be very confident about your answers so that your first meeting will likely affect it.


Answers to 10 Different Questions in Network Marketing

What if I can’t recruit others to my team? I don’t have many friends.


Answer: OK. You do not have to rely on your friends and relatives to succeed in this business.


However, why are you connecting to this network?


Everyone joins in the occasion for one or two things. Some join to fulfill their dreams or they want to make a lot of money to make their life prosperous or maybe they just want to build relationships with rich people.


The same thing applies to others, if you show this idea to others, they will also connect for their dreams and life because they also need money. Do you understand


Question 2. What if the prospect says I don’t have people here?


Answer: You can answer them by saying that tomorrow there is an opportunity in your college and you are the head boy of your college and you have to promote the festival, what will you do?

The possibility is often that I will call or meet all my classmates and friends and tell them the importance of the celebration.


Then you can say. That’s the way to grow your business. Is it worth mentioning to you?


Question 3 : What if the prospect says I don’t have the money?


To answer: You can answer them by saying, well I didn’t have the money for that, but making money was a challenge for me.


Of course, you don’t have that much money, don’t you think that’s why you need to get involved?


Then tell them how you are able to manage money from some of your friends and how you can return all the money taken from them and become a person who is completely satisfied with your life if you really started have started. Borrowed to do or tell, if you don’t take the money to get started then how can he do it.

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Question 4: I have no extra time to do this.


How to answer: If today I told you that I am selling my sports car at # 250,000 and you only have to overcome this limited time offer till tomorrow, would you try to Get  # 50,000 for me now?  If so, this means that you need more time to do so. So, do you want to succeed or are you just fooling around?


Question 5: Is it one of those pyramids?

Answer: No, not at all. why did you say that?


Have you had such a bad experience? Again, you want to know if this prospect has had a negative experience. So you want to reassure them that your business is not such a thing.


Question 6:  Do I need to spend too much money?


Answer : You dont really need to spend too much money.


This is the beauty of this business. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to start a business.


How Much Money Do You Need to Start a Tantalizer or Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchise?


The idea here is to give a powerful reference to a business like Kentucky that everyone knows or has heard of.


Next, consider the possibility that the Kentucky franchise takes something like 1 million to start. However, it only takes a few hundred or a thousand naira to start our business. In comparison, this is not a huge investment!


Question 7:  If the prospect says what is the guarantee that I will succeed in this industry?


How to answer: You can answer them by giving an example that when you send your child to school, the school never guarantees that your child will get 90% marks and you now They also pay a lot for their children’s education. .


Then you can say that I assure you that if you follow the rules regularly and follow the successful leaders in our company, you can also do a lot of great things, so you have sex. Need to be consistent and determined …


Do you understand?


Question : 8. What if the prospect says is this company is not fraudulent?

How to answer: You can answer by showing all the documents of the company registered by the government.


And you can compliment some great senior leaders.


Question 9: So what do I need to do?


To answer: You need to train our company and learn the basics of the business, then follow our step by step guide to success. Are you ready for that


Question 10:  I can’t talk to you


To answer: In this business, it is not well worth talking about. In addition, we will guide you through our step-by-step system, for which you do not need a good seller or a good seller. Do you understand


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