How Proresidual Works

How Proresidual Works

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How to make money telecomm in nigeria.

A large numbers of people buy recharge cards,data and dstv and other tv stations sub everyday. The importance of telecommunication in Nigeria and the world at large can not be over emphasized. However starting a telecommunications company in Nigeria requires a huge capital.

Hence,partner or become a member of telecommunication business opportunities in Nigeria is a solution to enjoy income from telecom business in Nigeria.

Now if you really want to make money online in Nigeria, then Proresidual is a good way to go! The latest income system is here, PRORESIDUAL. It is the power to produce your own financial rest in ONE YEAR just like recharge alert international

telecom business in Nigeria

Proresidual is a Nigerian relationship marketing company that is leveraging on telecommunications products, Airtime, data subscription,cable TV services, and Electricity Bill payment (though yet to be added) through Virtual Top Up(VTU) technology NG. It is registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and licensed by the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) ,to carry out Telecoms-related businesse. The Proresidual Head Office is located at Asaba, Delta state.

Proresidual is a platform that help create wealth for people. It gives you the license (Right) to own and operate your very own Virtual Top Up (VTU) business in the telecoms sector with Airtime, Data & Utility Bill payment. Proresidual is a simple, easy and fast way to achieve wealth and  helps you  set up a Plan B financial system that enables you earn Residual incomes seamlessly. Immediately after registration a Virtual Top Up ( VTU) account will be provided for you which will be used to sell Airtime and Data (all network), Cable Tv Subscriptions,( DSTV, GOTV, and STARTIMES), PHCN (to be added soon).


General public,



Employee or self employed

job seekers

Colleagues and Other customers.

The Earning Points

1⃣When you recharge Airtime, subscribe for a Data plan or pay for Cable Tv, you will get some percentage paid back as commission.

2⃣ When you help others recharge Airtime, Data or pay for Cable Tv and PHCN you will get paid.

3⃣ Anytime you introduce people into business you will get paid of 10% of their registration money.

4⃣ Anytime the people you introduce buy Airtime, Data or recharge Cable TV you will be paid.

5⃣ When your downlines introduce others they will get paid and you will also get paid too.

6⃣ By being a member you will get to enjoy all the mouth watering incentives at anytime you qualify.

7⃣ All the money you earn in Proresidual are paid into your VTU account and you can transfer it to your local bank account for withdrawal anytime you like.

8⃣ Earning is for life because Airtime and data are the most essential commodities after food.

☮ Why You Should Join Proresidual

➡ financial freedom

➡source of passive income

➡opportunity to own your Virtual Top Up business and build a community of airtime and data users.

➡To recharge with ease

➡Travel opportunities as bonus for hard work

➡ You can earn up to 10.6 million naira in referral bonus within one year if you follow the action plan strictly.

Benefits Of Proresidual Over Others

There are various telcomm company like recharge and get paid, H2i TopUp and Earn gives you 24/7 access to variety of services, such as Top Up Airtime of all networks both local and international. Recharg alert international and top up and getreward All are very good vtu business but proresidual has the following benefits over them all

⏭ Available products(mtn, airtel, glo and 9mobile).

⏭Bill payment portal(Dstv,Gotv,Startimes), PHCN (coming soon).

⏭Residual Index Function which ensures you don’t earn less than what you earn the previous year by registering everyone in the system for another 365 days.

⏭Rent or stipend to be paid  infinitely once a member completes 5 generations – rent is registration fee x 12 months paid once while stipend is registration amount paid monthly – and with Residual index function rent or stipend will be paid for life.

⏭Referral bonus percentages increases as you go down the line.

How ProresidualWorks

Everyone joins as a Bronze member with N5000 only. Every member automatically becomes a dealer to MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile, DStv, Gotv & Startimes. Members do recharges, data deals and bills payment at a profit using our VTU channel.Any member who shares the opportunity earns referral bonuses from 10 generations as people join directly and indirectly under him.

Our Bronze 3 x 10 matrix has over N10m potential earnings. This amount or any amount earned the first year by a member comes back yearly to the member for life without any further work. This works by Proresidual Residual Index Function.

Residual Index Function simply demands that every member leaves his package fee (N5000) in his wallet at his Anniversary date. (Date of joining.The index uses the N5000 to re-enter members for another 365days, thereby making members to earn again what they earned their previous year from downlines who also are re-entered by same index.This circle continues and that’s why Proresidual millionaires are like Diamonds Millionaires for Ever Proresidual creates the ideal system and teaches that a maximum of one year work is all anyone would ever need in the idea system to become and remain a millionaire for both life

Now let’s discuss vtu earning

Vtu Earnings

Members earn

2% on recharges

10% on data deals (with good prices)

N75 on tv subscriptions

0.35% from team recharges

1% from team data deals

N5 from team tv deals.

 Rents & Stipends

This is an awesome allowance for members.When a member has his first 5 levels in our 3 x 10 matrix evenly filled he qualifies to earn his package fee (N5000) back monthly as STIPENDS or annually (12 times) as RENTS. This allowance is for life. If every member refers three persons each in a month a member can qualify for this within 6months.


Awards in Proresidual follow point accumulations only. No leg balancing/point distribution rules. Points come from new members registrations and Residual Index Re-entries. Awards range from Cash to Trips to Housing (Details in slide).

Join Proresidual today

…the power to buy the future.

Would you like to join our happy team members? Yes Good decision for you. Kindly click here to join our business group for a guide on to register for Proresidual

Let’s Go Pro 🌲🌴

We love you.

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