How Do I Know What Idea to Pursue?

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Hector, I’ve two wonderful alternatives. Which ought to I pursue?”

I helped him analyze a number of strategic questions to assist him make clear his path.


  1. Capital wants & financing
  2. Profit margins
  3. Distribution methods
  4. Differentiation methods
  5. Strategic alliances
  6. Product innovation
  7. Marketing methods
  8. Global outsourcing
  9. Market developments
  10. Biggest threats

To identify just a few…

Yet, I centered most of my time serving to him perceive the significance of figuring out his deepest precedence in his life.

I mentioned, “we might have wonderful alternatives in entrance of us, but when these
are NOT aligned to our deepest priorities in our life, we’ll by no means
obtain success. Do you realize what would you like?”

“I want to be an entrepreneur,” he mentioned.

“That’s not your deepest priority in your life Ulrich, go to a deeper purpose.”

“I want to achieve success!”

“That’s not it, Ulrich!”

“What do you mean Hector?” He requested impatiently.

What’s your DEEPEST PRIORITY in your life? You have to know this as a result of lots of your future selections shall be unconsciously influenced by such precedence!”

“Hector, I don’t have a clue!”

“You’re beginning this business with the mistaken priorities Ulrich! You’re asking me that can assist you determine which is the perfect concept to pursue and also you don’t even know what you need?”

Please assist Hector.”

I defined, “We all have a life motivation. Is
it making money? Social recognition? Feeling invaluable? Power?
Significance? Acknowledged? Contribution? Serving God? Having enjoyable?”

Why is that vital?” Ulrich requested.

“Every tough resolution you make sooner or later shall be influenced by this deep life motivation. If you dont determine this early you should have a bumpy highway forward and can have an effect on your life and business success.”

“Hector, could you give me an example?” Ulrich requested.

defined, “What’s the distinction between a corrupt authorities official
and an sincere one? Even whereas they’re each in the identical job, they’re
influenced by totally different life motivations, and that displays their
final actions. One desires to serve and contribute to society, the
different desires egocentric money and energy.”

“Seems like I have a big homework, Hector! Thanks for your guidance!”

To reply the query…

Do you realize your deepest “why” you’re beginning this business? Aligning your business in direction of this life motivation is the primary vital step and can decide what you’ll in the end accomplish.

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