Everything You Need to Know About HODL*

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“HODL” is a time period that’s thrown round lots within the cryptocurrency neighborhood. Since it’s used so usually, it has change into the slang time period new buyers normally study first.

HODL refers to an funding technique whereby buyers muster up the willpower to not promote their cash, regardless of a plunge out there. When a value plunge happens, buyers will usually see the asset with detrimental sentiment. However, those implementing the HODL technique will proceed to carry their cash and not promote.

A drunken origin story

The time period initially got here from a submit from a well-liked bitcoin discussion board, Bitcointalk. A consumer by the title of GameKyuubi bought a bit tipsy on his whiskey and posted a typo-laden message on the discussion board. He went on about how individuals had been calling him a “bad trader” for not promoting through the current value plunge. Nevertheless, it didn’t cease him from “HODLing,” and regardless of the comedian reduction that the drunken rant supplied, the essence of the submit caught round and nonetheless does to this present day.

What was initially a drunken typo posted on the 18th of December 2013, has change into a elementary time period in 2020’s cryptocurrency market: “I AM HODLING.” Since its unique posting, the cryptocurrency neighborhood has then give you a number of meanings for the typo, with “Hold On for Dear Life” being the most well-liked. In truth, it has even been dubbed as an “essential slang term in Bitocin culture” by Quartz in 2017. 

A better take a look at HODL 

In this point in time of bitcoin, there are a number of buying and selling methods individuals can use. HODLing doesn’t entail full-time dedication like day buying and selling does and stands out as the excellent entry technique for newcomers. Instead of shopping for and promoting based mostly on short-term value strikes, a consumer who HODLs merely buys bitcoin after which holds on within the hopes of its value rising sooner or later. 

Despite there being principally solely two steps to HODLing, this buying and selling technique requires a substantial amount of emotional energy. Just from 2011 to 2013, bitcoin’s value noticed a rise of 52,000%, after which within the following yr, it dropped 80%. This volatility in value is why HODLers expertise a substantial amount of emotional stress.

In most instances, there are two antagonists to the HODL technique: FOMO (concern of lacking out) and FUD (concern, uncertainty, and doubt). These two demons can usually result in buyers promoting at low costs, in the end making much less revenue than initially supposed. 

For hardcore bitcoin believers, often known as Bitcoin Maximalists, HODLing means extra to them than simply battling the profit-eroding interior demons. The Bitcoin Maximalists imagine that, in the end, cryptocurrencies will substitute fiat currencies. To them, it’s extra than simply about making a revenue—due to this fact nullifying the relevance of the fiat change charge. 

The execs and cons of HODLing

People who’re skilled in buying and selling bitcoin could say that the HODLing technique could not maximize revenue as a lot as different methods. Although this can be true for these individuals, completely different buying and selling methods, if not carried out accurately, can do extra hurt than assist. 

As talked about earlier, HODLing stands out as the excellent entry technique for brand new buyers. Compared to the technicality of, let’s say, day buying and selling, which is extraordinarily sophisticated and time-consuming, HODLing could also be far easier. It doesn’t have as steep a studying curve and doesn’t require a full-time dedication, in contrast to among the different methods. 

On the opposite hand, there’s the difficulty of HODLers not taking full benefit of bitcoin’s volatility. If completed accurately, different buying and selling methods have the chance to yield extra earnings as they rely much less on hoping for bitcoin’s value to spike. Instead, they depend on the eager eye of merchants and their capability to see revenue alternatives out there. 

Another drawback of HODLing is that as a result of buyers are clinging onto their cash “for dear life,” they’re not getting used for his or her unique objective—as a method of fee. Because bitcoin isn’t getting used for that objective, the event of the coin and bitcoin-accepting shops are additional slowed. In addition to that, the HODLing of cash creates boundaries that forestall mainstream adoption as bitcoin is seen as an funding instrument slightly than an actual instrument with actual alternatives to assist the economic system. 


Even although the time period began out as a typo a few years in the past, its impact on the cryptocurrency market has been immense. And though it might have its personal set of disadvantages, simply as the whole lot does, it might nonetheless be a viable technique. 

Thanks to GameKyuubi, now we have a tried-and-tested technique (or at the least a reputation for it) to earn a gradual revenue with our bitcoin. 

It’s solely becoming that we finish with a quote from the submit that began all of it: “You only sell in a bear market if you are a good day trader or an illusioned noob. The people in between hold. In a zero-sum game such as this, traders can only take your money if you sell.”

*The content material of this text is for informational functions solely, you need to not construe any such info or different materials as authorized, tax, funding, monetary, or different recommendation.

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