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Crypto Bot Trading Review: Best crypto trading bot

Do you the want know the truth about crypto bot trading review? In this post , you discover what is auto trading robot, do trading bots actually work, best robot trading 2021 and lot more?

All these questions and every details of auto trading bot for binance for you to take a better decision.


What is auto trading robot ?

Its a crypto trading software bot manufactured to read and trade the in some or all  the highly recognized crypto exchange market in the world. A good example is Royal Q bot that trades on BINANCE and HUOBI.

So if you curious about what is the best crypto trading bot ?

RoyalQ is a good choice for you, as its a best auto trading robot 2021 developed in China and owned by a Chinese company.

<img src="crypto bot trading.png" alt="best robot trading 2021">

The royal q robot is manufactured to eradicate the psychological (emotion trading) element of trading, which can be detrimental in investment or trading cryptocurrencies.


As auto trading bot for binance and huobi, Royal Q Bot is a robot that was designed to automate crypto trading on your behalf 24/7 with little or no effort from you at all.

Just fund your wallet in usdt, set up the trade and go ahead to do other things in your life

However, many people are still asking do trading bots actually work?

So I want clarify full well about crypto bot trading review in this post. Hence, after you read this post you will have clear picture of auto trading bot for binance


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Royal Q As A Crypto Bot Trading Review

BINANCE is highly trusted crypto exchange so to allow binding and linking up with RoyalQ Bot is a positive indication for this crypto bot trading review post.

As you know BINANCE is the world’s largest and most trusted crypto exchange, same also with HUOBI.

Hence, RoyalQ is a legit auto trading bot for binance


How Does Royal Q Work As Best Auto Trading Robot 2021?

You only need to connect or bind the Royal Q bot to BINANCE API or HUOBI API such that it can read trades and complete them.

For BINANCE to allow royal q to connect to their API, then buys and sells profitable trade order automatically without any intervention by humans.

Another good news in this crypto bot trading review post for you is that all your trading capital (money) remains in your BINANCE account.

So there is no way you can lose your money or capital, since you are the one that controls your account.

In case you don’t already have an account with Binance , click here to get free account now

Once the RoyalQ bot makes profit for you, you will have 80% while RoyalQ Bot has 20% share of the profit.  Another reason why RoyalQ Bot need you to make profits everyday

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Crypto bot trading review: Are trading bots worth it?


This is the most interesting part of crypto bot trading review!

Now let’s talk about the method of making money from auto trading bot for binance. Think about it in a moment, if Royal Q is like every other scam trading robot;

So why is it popular ? Because of their internet marketing and revenue sharing plan;

Basically, users can make money from RoyalQ in two ways.


Trading cryptocurrencies (crypto bot trading binance)

Refer To use app (MLM)

The first way to make money from the Royal Q app is to trade with the robot with the funds available in your binance account or Huobi account.


However, for other people doing multi-level marketing (MLM), they can make more money than trading with their own capital.


Another reason why this auto trading bot for binance is very popular, because most participants try to build their network through MLM opportunities.


Let us discuss how these two revenue opportunities work (trading and MLM)


#1.  Trading cryptocurrencies.

The robot trades cryptocurrencies for you based on your investment amount, and the return on investment ranges from 1% to 50%, depending on your trading preferences using compound interest.

It also has features that allow you to synchronize or automatically copy expert traders on the platform. So you can start money even if you are a novice in cryptocurrencies market

Therefore, if you don’t know what to trade, then joining an expert trader on the platform is the best idea for you.

#2.  Refer To use App (MLM)

The largest part of the RoyalQ recommendation or network plan is after the RoyalQ system.  This is because you earn passive income by referring others.


The first level is called V1;

At this level, you will receive an instant commission of 30 dollar, each time you refer someone to RoyalQ and the person activate the Bot


The second level is called V2.

To reach this level, you need to personally recommend a team of at least 3 users for a total of 20 users.  Directly referred by you or indirectly referred by your registered users.


At this level, you will get 40 dollar direct referral bonus and 30% bonus bonus from your team, and you will also get a new member activation commission of $10 from your downline.


The third level is called V3;

This level allows you to receive a direct referral bonus of $50 and a 40% team bonus.


But to do this, you need 5 direct referrals and three V2 members of the team, for a total of 100 team members to reach this level.


At this level, when you activate a new member, you will get 20 dollar commission through direct downline for new members.


The fourth level is called V4;

Whenever you directly recommend someone, this level will provide you with a direct referral bonus of $60 and reward the team with $50 from business profits.


To reach this level, you need 8 direct referrals, V3s, and a team of 300 people in total.  When your real-time downline activates a new member, you will receive an additional $30 commission.


Using the diagram below, you can understand how the MLM structure works and why robots are so popular.


So those who try to recommend you may just be after the referral bonus. They may not have a good method of trading set up for your success in the cryptocurrencies market. This crypto bot trading  review will offer you a great help on who to follow in trading

Therefore, be careful when investing in RoyalQ BOT; ensure you understand how the platform works before start trading with your hard-earned money.



Crypto Bot Trading Binance Registration Process

So far, you are now convinced from this crypto bot trading review

The next step is for you to join this best robot trading 2021

It’s actually very easy to create an account with RoyalQ BOT.


To get started, click on the registration link here … and fill out the form shown in the image below!

<img src="crypto bot trading review.png" alt="crypto bot trading binance">


Enter your email address and click Send Verification Code to receive the verification code in your email address.


After receiving it, enter it in the verification code box and enter your password.  Once completed, click on the “Register” button to continue.


Do not download the app directly from the Play Store to avoid downloading similar apps.


First, create an account and when you are done you will see a link to download the app on the next page.

<img src="crypto bot trading review.png" alt="Royalq">

So, install the app from there and login to activate the app on your mobile device.


How to activate Royal Q As Auto Trading Bot For Binance?

After logging in, you need to activate the app to start trading.  To activate the application, go to ===> “Mine” on the far right at the bottom (the footer of the application).


Then click on “Assets” in the third row.  There you will see “Deposit”, “Withdrawal” and “Transfer”.  Click on Deposit to copy the USDT wallet address from your Royal Q account.

<img src="auto trading bot for binance.png" alt="crypto bot trading review">

Then you can send 120 usdt (TRC-20) to the wallet address and click Activate to activate your account.


After clicking on Activate, you will immediately be asked to confirm your country / region, select the correct country and continue.

Then you will see something similar to the image below, keep this status and click Activate to activate the account.

Therefore, to start trading, you need to link the account to your Binance or Huobi account by copying the API key.


How To Bind Royal Q to Binance?


Click more from your Binance account …

<img src="are trading bots worth it.png" alt="crypto bot trading review">


Then scroll down to the “Other” section (the last section) and click API Management.

<img src="best auto trading robot 2021.png" alt="crypto bot trading review">

There you have to create a new API key giving it a name.  Then click on Create.

Then click Edit on the new API you just created and set limits for the API.

The only boxes you want to activate are “Activate reading” and “Activate spot and margin trading”.  Leave the remaining boxes unchecked.

Then scroll down to API Access Restrictions.

Click the second box above, which says “Restrict access to trusted IP addresses only (recommended).”  After that go back to Royal Q and then copy the IP address of Royal Q and paste it in the space, then click on Confirm.

<img src="do trading bots actually work.png" alt="crypto bot trading review">

Thanks to these settings, the robot’s access to your trading account and the funds in the account is restricted.

So all the funds in your account are safe!

The only thing it can do is trade with the funds in your USDT wallet.  So copy the API key and the secret key.


Then go back to the Royal Q account, on the homepage you will see four icons API link, Revenue,Trade and Invite friends

<img src="what is the best crypto trading bot.png" alt="crypto bot trading review">


Click API binding and select the exchange you want to bind.  For Binance users, click Binance and paste the keys separately.


Copy your API key and secret key one by one from Binance and paste them in the space provided in Royal Q accordingly.  As you can see in the photo above.


After pasting, click on “Send” the verification code, copy the verification code sent by Royal Q into your mailbox and paste it in the space provided.


Then click on the risk area and click on Link.


So to start trading, on the main page of the app, when you look at the bottom, you will see Quantitative.

<img src="crypto bot trading review.png" alt="best trading robot crypto">

Click on it and select the currency pair you want the app to start trading on your behalf.  To view your profit, on the home page you will see “Revenue”, click on it to view your daily profit.

Another goods is that, there is trading settings to start cashing out dollars everday !

If you are interested, here is the registration link.

Referral code – 4RPWE

Then connect with me on whatsapp via 2347055916788 for auto trading set up for massive profit every day


Royal Q As Auto Trading Bot For Binance?

Video Tutorial


This is another very importance process in this crypto bot trading review

Do trading bots actually work ?

Yes, you only need to understand the prons and cons of this crypto bot trading

Pros and Cons of The Crypto Bot Trading Review

If I haven’t mentioned its pros and cons then this crypto bot trading review will not be complete.  Therefore, please have a general understanding of the disadvantages and advantages of this best trading robot crypto


Pros of RoyalQ Bot

However, in this crypto bot trading Review. You need to know about benefits awaiting in this platform.

Here are the benefits you can expect when using RoyalQ bot to trade cryptocurrencies.

  1. 24/7 uninterrupted trading
  2.  Funds are safe on the exchange website
  3. You can trade easily without emotion
  4. Simplify transactions
  5. Efficient transaction
  6. Swindle


Cons of RoyalQ Bot

Here are the downsides of using RoyalQ bot to trade cryptocurrency on your behalf and the things you need to be careful about.

  1. Robots are not perfect
  2. There may be a programming error
  3. Don’t expect to make money overnight


Royal Q Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Even after reading all the previous crypto bot trading review. Maybe you still have a question or two, right?  I hope I can provide answers to them in this section.

These are the most common questions about Royal Q. Therefore, if you have experienced these problems yourself, you will probably find the answers here. As that make this crypto bot trading review will help you understand better

  1. What is the minimum capital investment for Royal Q Bot?

The only funding to get into Royal Q is the $ 120 start-up fee.  100usdt is an annual subscription and the other 20 dollar is for gaseous fuels.

Therefore, your trading investment will be deposited on Binance, and the minimum amount you can trade on Binance is $ 10.


Technically speaking, I can say that the minimum investment is $ 130, but for a reasonable return on your trading capital I would say $ 100 and up.


The total fee to activate the BOT and start trading on Binance is $ 220.  However, the greater the capital, the greater the return.


  1. Is the Royal Q robot a scam or legal?

Royal Q is not a scam.  You just need to understand how the platform works.  Think about it for yourself, the only money to pay Royal Q is the annual $ 100 subscription.


The bot uses the funds in your Binance account to trade for you 24/7.


Your trading funds are safe because they are stored in your Binance usdt wallet, and Binance happens to be one of the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges.


There are several other popular trading robots that charge up to $ 100 per month, while Royal Q costs only $ 100 per year.

3.Is Royal Q compatible with other cryptocurrency exchanges?

This is part of the restrictions attached to the Royal Q app. Currently, you can only trade on Binance and Huobi cryptocurrency exchanges.

However, since Binance is one of the most popular trading sites, it is difficult for you to trade with it.

  1. Is Royal Q safe?  Am I going to lose money?

Royal Q is actually safe for everyone, as the robot only trades spot on Binance and does not use leverage.

Basically, bots will only buy when the market is low and then resell when the market is high.

However, if there are losses, it may be due to floating losses.  But you should also understand that before you sell your assets, floating losses are not really real losses.


Let me explain how it works …


For example, you bought Ripple Xrp for $ 100 and the token dropped 30%, which means you have a floating loss of $ 30 until the token recovers its value.

Therefore, if you leave it and assume that it has restored its value, there will be no loss, but if you sell it as a floating loss, you will experience an actual loss.

So yes, you might lose money.

Note, however, that the same applies to your crypto assets, if you just buy them and leave them in your wallet and wait for them to grow someday.

So that’s just the nature of the crypto market, not because of Royal Q.

  1. Does Royal Q offer customer service?

Yes, Royal Q provides 24/7 customer support.  To contact them, you must log into your account and click on “My” >> “Royal Q Feedback” to contact the support team.


Crypto Bot Trading Review:  Conclusion

Technically, the only money you give Royal Q is an activation fee of $ 120.

The rest of the investment is in your control as the app cannot control your assets in Binance.  With the exception of funds in USDT wallets used for transactions.

The crypto market can be a turbulent market, so you can risk your own funds.  Therefore, only invest the money that you can afford to lose.

If you are interested, here’s the Sign-up Link.

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