Business in Nigeria – Top 3 Secrets

Business in Nigeria – Top 3 Secrets

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Business in Nigeria Top 3 secrets you must know

I’m so glad you’re able to make it to join me here today in this very short blog post as I’m going to be using this medium to tell you how to have financial prosperity on the continent of Africa Wow on the continent of Africa you mean prosperity in Africa where everybody run out with a dream to find pasture land. Below are 3 secrets of making money on the continent of Africa and just be with me shortly and we’ll be running of this now this.

  1. Stop Complaining A Bad Government Or The Economy:

This is the worst thing some people ever read from Bolaji stop complaining about government the bad government or economy not complain about all these things will spoil the only true asset you have which is your mind, your mind is what used to create your financial freedom which is what you use to advance in your life.

What do you need to start a small business?

Never forget that your mind doesn’t have the capacity to do two things at a time now your mind does not have the capacity to be negative and be positive at the same time.

Your eyes, your mind, your heart all work in the same formula on the same rule such as you cannot simply hear three things at a time you have to hear one thing a lot of noise can come to your year but you can’t hear you can actually hear two things at a time.

Alright if that seems to be convincing you can see you can’t really see two things at a time can you now see the way you’re meditating at it right now you can’t see any of that thing if you want to see another post again now you have to shift your mind you have to shift your eyes right that exactly is the way your mind works, now problem comes when you are poisoning the same mind by complaining with it by murmuring with it know complaining about bad economy ,complaining about the party in government tend to give you a negative emotion that is why you get angry sometimes when you are complain about the politics that your country run.

Oh! Buhari does this or passenger this or Jonathan does this or the president of your country mention if now at that time when you are complaining about these people of the economy and stuff like that what happen is you have blocked your mind from creativity what happened is you are blowing your mind from productivity you cant simply use the same mind to progress your life

  1. Stop Making Excuses:

You see over the years I’ve met a lot of people who have the capacity who have the strength who have everything but the only thing that stop them is excuses. When I started my first business I was having with me 5,500 naira if you are not in Nigeria that is just like something around $15 or  there about I had no money now the very interesting thing is I lost this all 5,500 naira in one week.

Now the question you will ask me is how did you cope I mean you went to the business world with 5500 naira but you lost it within 5 days from the time you lost that money so how did you cope? How did you move on in the business world? what I have to tell you here is stop giving excuses people today tell us the reason why I can’t start a business is because I have no money, the reason why I can’t start business because is  I don’t have anybody to help me.

The day I went to my elder brother to tell him I’m going to be an entrepreneur the question he ask mean is that Bolaji where do you want to get a capital, how do you want to do it? and I told him sir I really don’t know how to do it I mean I don’t know how I’m going to do it but I know I’m going to do it because I know people have an inner most power and capacity to achieve greatness with their life but as long as they are making excuses they are never have are going to do anything with their lives.

They are going to be you know I’m going to save up my salary and when my salaries is five or eight thousand naira I’m going to start that business I’m gonna said save up my you know I’m going to look for a way to take money from cooperative if I gather money I’m gonna start a business now these people only wish to start a business they never really decided to start not just wish or want or hope that somehow they are going to start business now stop making excuses nothing is stopping you now in this post am telling you a bitter truth you know that truth when people have the will they had the way when people are crazy about this something and they are decided that nothing could stop him nothing on this planet part could stop them I mean nothing.

  1. Join The Right Team

You could be an eagle but as long as you work with chicken you will never ever realize your potential of flying you could be a very good and smart fish that know how to swim in the water as long as you walk on the ground with rabbits and rats you will never ever know how to swim, now you could work so hard and you could do whatever you do but as long as you actually don’t join the right team or people who have the potential to make a lot of money you will never have be rich.

You know today I see a lot of people who believe if they work so hard they are going to make money and be rich or if God should bless them they are going to be rich. Even before the Bible and after the Bible industry the formula they used to make money it is obvious we are not looking for it today we already understand it we already know it and someone was already using it so it is not a matter of maybe you are still doubting you are still looking for the formula is already available now.

join the right team

The question I ask people and my team members do you ever see any employee among the first 1000 richest people in the world I mean are we ever seen any employee among the list of the first hundred richest people in your country no why the reason is as simple as you can’t work with your two hands and be rich.

I’ve said that and that is secret and a lot of people get crazy when they read it say what you mean I’ve been wasting my time all this yeah I’m telling the truth now nobody has ever work with these two hands and be rich nobody lies about what with is to mind with this single mind and be rich nobody industry of the world so as long as you work with your two hands or you work with your mind you prosperity it’s outside of you now what can you do now is to join the right team.

That I have been the tendency to be rich entrepreneurs going to mountain will not solve this problem praying twenty several days will not solve this problem only you really figure out how to create something that other people who come to share the vision and help you sell you can never have a be rich.

Now if you doubt this just simply go on Google put it in Google the richest of the richest people in Nigeria even Algeria on the richest people in Kenya even care or your country just type it like that I’m measure them then go to Wikipedia to go and read the autobiography and know maybe they I employee yeah if we discover a some of them were employee they started as employee but the never become million years as an employee if that seems to be odd.

In summary,  number one of  3 the secrets to start business In Nigeria or Africa is stop complaining about bad economy bad government bad rule but that but that I know the reason why the reason is because completely tend to bring a negative emotion into you and that poisoned your mind your mind cannot be productive at the same time when you are complaining .

Creativity’s blocks out of you by time you complain so instead open your mind into the possibility your country your continent which is Africa just look around and see possibility just decidedly within you are not going to join people who complain about a lot of things stop it is poisoning you it is killing you right now you have taken that mind that is the first thing second is stop making excuses stop saying is because I don’t have a good job. I’m telling you today your mind is ten times more powerful than you can imagine all right so stop making excuses nothing is stopping you not having money is not stopping you.


Being born in Nigeria in Kenya or in Africa is not stopping you, I’m telling it is not easy but I’m telling it is possible that’s wrong yeah all right the talking is where you really have to make an effort to join the right team you can’t continue as an employee to be rich. I mean good money the reason is because you are walking with your two hands and you’re working with one brain until you figure out how to get like 100 minds to work with you to work for you or three figures out you have like 50 hands to work with you you can’t really have money.

Let me explain how these I know something has been running your mind and you know you are now decided to make some concrete decision what adult decision wherever you see people complaining about bad economy and all that don’t join them because why you don’t want to poison your mind instead you want to look at the possibilities, you know you must decided not to make excuses to make a decision now you are decided to join the right team from here now what’s likely to happen you ask me Bolaji how do I join the right team?

Here is the very simple analogy now to join the right team the first thing you need is education. I get convinced and I get angry these days when I see people who are so ignorant I mean they are entirely ignorant about what entrepreneurship is all about and I really don’t blame them I blame the school system because people have been caged in the school for 20-25 years in a school that is programmed to teach them how to be slave so when they finally get out.

They really don’t have a standing about how the real world works because they have been trained not at all their life for lies now so many people want to be entrepreneurs and the call and they are telling me I want to start a business what I need is money.

Money! they want to pay me well stop that for a moment the last time that I was discussing this with a man who caught me I asked him I said if you want to be a soldier you need two things very obviously first is you need riffle right second is you need skills military skills now out of these two which one do you think is the most important and which will you go for first.

He told me yeah I will have to go for military training first I say yeah when you want to study business the first is to concern yourself about is not the money the first entry cost ourselves a bad military training it means you need months I mean in in time of military now to go and train yourself before you and the arrival so now if you just go right gbam to sambisa forest or go to fight any terrorist group you are going to die.

Why because you only have a good riffle even though the rival you have is the best in the world you really don’t have the skills to fight the battle now most people today think if they could have money they could do business but  that is not the truth


Napoleon said something here’s a girl and said money is plenty in the world for people who know how to use it as in if you have the skill to use money if you know how to use money for business you have another better hedge to succeed in business.

When people want to become accountants they go to university to go and study that for four years right where people want to do doctor they go to somewhere to study that for five seven years right when they want to be lawyer they go to university to study for five years right all this together is not as tough as entrepreneurship you argue with me but nobody take time to study entrepreneurship nobody takes time to learn from people worked on it before nobody take times and sit down and said I want to live entrepreneurship

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