6 Truth To Consider When Looking For an MLM Opportunity

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Are You In need of The Best MLM Opportunity?

You may be looking for the perfect, or the best MLM opportunity where you live, or where your target market lives. The truth is that we all want the same things in life – health, wealth and happiness. Yes,  but our definitions differ which could lead to searching for new network marketing companies.

Some of us want a bigger house than the next network marketer, and some of us want to spend more time travelling than the next successful person.

How much money you would consider enough to be wealthy may differ from one person to the next, and what it takes to make you happy also differs from one person to the next.

But the three basic things remain: Health, wealth and happiness which is what everybody seek when looking for new mlm companies.

So – knowing that, you obviously want to plug into the best MLM opportunity to help you get there. After all, if you choose to go with the best, that would give you the best chance of success, right?
Honestly…It’s not that simple.

You see, just like your idea of “the best car or house” differs from the next person’s perception – due to a difference in expectations, lifestyle and personalities, the fact is that there is no “one size fits all” best MLM opportunity that simply stands out head and shoulders above the rest.

Wait a minute!

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6 Things To Consider When Looking For an MLM Opportunity

#1 profitability: is determined by much more than the commission percentages you are offered. In fact, any business is about much more than how much profit you can make per customer.
Your first concern has to be “will people want to buy this (and how many people will want it)?”

If they don’t, then your recruits who don’t make money within the first two months are likely to start dropping off. In addition to that, when tough times hit, people cut back on their luxury items first – so if they aren’t making money yet, and the products aren’t useful to them, they’re gone.
In addition to that, if the product(s) will sell by themselves, it allows for another stream of income, even if the rep isn’t able to recruit people yet.

It also goes without saying that people who use your products first often become your best reps – simply because they believe in the products. This spells great potential for an MLM opportunity.

2 price consideration: In several cases, the products on offer are premium products, and carry a higher price tag, but it’s worth it. It makes your target market smaller, but it won’t put you out of business.

However, if the products are simply over-priced, nobody would want to buy them unless they have to – which means your reps won’t be able to do any direct retail sales while they learn to recruit.

To make it worse, some opportunities expect you to place monthly orders for more product(s) than you can actually consume. It’s a recipe for disaster.
If (a) it’s not really a product which people will buy without worrying about the potential of the MLM opportunity, or (b) the product isn’t worth the selling price, your biz opp is recruitment driven, and not product driven.

This means that people will only be buying the products because they have to – and you will probably not be able to sell anything besides the compulsory personal volumes ordered by your recruits.

This, in turn, means that people will be much more likely to drop off when they don’t make money soon – which will be for most of your recruits (since nobody really wants to buy the products, and people will be wary of the business opportunity as such). This is important when look for Top network marketing companies in Nigeria

3 Costumers are Important Than Distributors: if most of your recruits whom are people you brought into the business don’t stay around for long, it doesn’t matter how great the commission structure or the compensation plan is – the long term potential of the MLM opportunity is limited, and chances are that very few people are actually making real money from it.
On the other hand, if you can offer useful products, at a sensible price (even if they are premium products in a higher price range), you will not only keep your recruits for longer (and make much more

4 consider your expectation from network marketing company: What type of product or service would you be comfortable offering to other people? Also, just how important is it to you that the company is established in the country, or not (better support structure versus less market saturation)? What type of compensation plan do you feel more comfortable with?

5 consider your typical prospect: Who would you be approaching with this opportunity? What would your typical prospect be like? What would the expectations of your typical prospect be like? What would the needs, wants and limitations of your typical prospect be?

6 consider your target market: and looking at what is available in terms of products or services and opportunities, what do you think will be the easiest to sell to your typical prospect? And what will be the easiest for THEM to sell to their prospects?

Think more in terms of a great product (or service) – because even if the opportunity seems like the best
MLM opportunity, if nobody wants the products, it is essentially a pyramid scheme. The value of the products has to be so good that people would use them regardless of the opportunity.

Once you have identified a great product, look at the company, the support structure and the compensation plan. If you can live with those (even if they’re not perfectly as you would have wanted them), you have your answer:
You have established what is – for YOU – the best MLM or network marketing opportunity

As it now, is now left for you to take this information, and get to work. You have identified both the market and the opportunity – now it’s up to YOU to bring them together.
So if you want the best MLM opportunity wherever you live, above are some prerequisite you have to look into before you can make a choice.

We love you!

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