Applying Maximum leverage

Applying Maximum leverage

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Extract from “The one minute millionaire “by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen


Alone, you are without leverage. You have to rely on your own knowledge, your own experience, your own money,your own resources. This is the long ,slow way to wealth. Eventually, your resources run out, you become discouraged, you quit.

Your first form of leverage is to acquire a mentor.Your mentor has tackled this mountain before you.Your mentor knows the terrain, the challenges,the pitfalls. Your mentor knows what to do .More important ,your mentor knows what NOT to do. This is the first shortcut – avoiding lost time and money in trying to correct Rockie mistakes.Your mentor also knows the shortcuts,the tume-savers,the little tricks.You need a mentor.

Your second form of leverage is to acquire a team.Together, you all achieve more ,faster,easier. You can spot one another’s blind spits .You can encourage discouraged team members. They can encourage you when you’re down .They fill in the gaps in your skill sets.They can be strong where you’re weak As a team,you all run faster. A 4- by-4 relay team runs the mile about two seconds faster than the individual runner.If you want speed,you need a team.

Your third form of leverage is a network. Each team member knows at least 100 valuable contacts .A team if 6 therefore know 600 people .If each of these people knows 100 valuable contacts, then you have access to 60,000 valuable contacts.

But these numbers are deceiving .It has been calculated that the value of a network is the square of the number of people in it. lf your immediate network consists of 600 people,then your ultimate reach is 600 times 600,or 360,000 valuable contacts .Obviously, a one- person team is not enough.

You need the power of a network. In that network, there are several key contacts- people who control huge networks of people. A key contact has” make it happen” power. One word from this key contact and things happen The value if a large network is the increased probability of finding the key contact. Remember, all it takes ONE key contact.

Your fourth form of leverage is the infinite Network There is a spiritual connection that links us all up. This is the realm of coincidence, serendipity, chance ,a twist of fate. Tapping into the infinite Network is the ultimate form of leverage.

Your fifth form of leverage is the use of tools and skills.Millionaires use the tools of wealth- computers, the internet, e-mail for fast communications,fast calculations, fast decisions. If you want a speedy result,you need instant information.

Your sixth form of leverage is systems. Every millionaire has systematized, streamlined and organized the process if wealth. The most efficient form of information transfer is to learn your mentor’s system and follow it- whether you’re chosen real estate ,the stock market, business or the internet. Learn the system.

When the combined force of mentors,teams,networks, infinite Network, tools and systems is applied to a strong ,long lever ,miracles can happen in minutes

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Durodola Bolaji

A network marketer, entrepreneur and investor, I am happily married with kids. I reside in Ibadan and run a company in Northern side of Nigeria. I am currently earning passive income working from the comfort of my home using the Internet, email, and the telephone with an incredible sense of security and peace of mind. I've been earning a full-time income from home online since 2014, mostly within the network marketing and direct sales industry, and in recent years.

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