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I started my business online in 2012 and now 88% of my business is built through social media.

And that’s why I love social media training and everything around it.


Today, I want to share my favorite 9 social media tips for network marketers to help you generate more business for your product, service or opportunity, and start attracting more people to your profile.

So let’s go over my 9 favorite social media tips …

# 1 Use your personal photo as a social media profile picture

You have seen the statistics, right? It says keep your picture, it doesn’t say keep your cat, your dog, or even your company logo!

When you’re using social media to grow your business, people want to know you (maybe you too) and they want to see your smiling face.

# 2 Education and Work Section on your profile – What to do?

While this may persuade your employer to stop you from joining your new network marketing company, as soon as you submit an application, please trust me when I say this.

Why? Because it removes curiosity. The goal is always to create curiosity and people ask you “What do you do for a living?” You do not want to be named.

# 3 Selling and Starting Story Story


People don’t come to buy on social media, they’re social there. If you are doing any kind of business on social media or you want to do everything for the love of society, please read Gary Weiner Chowk’s Jab Jab Right Hook.

This will help you understand how to respect social media platforms so that you get more engaged and more people ask about your business on social media. This book is also great at telling you how to present its value and stories before asking anything in return.

# 4 We are in the lifestyle business

People want to have fun and live a free life. That’s what we’re selling. So when you’re using social media to grow your business, give people something good to see.

Post about family photos, lifestyle photos, travel and your work. The more you post about lifestyles and stories, the more your audience will grow to know, like and trust you.


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# 5 Daily Task – Reach 1-5 people every day and make them feel good

On social media, reach out to 1-5 people every day and send them a message they like. You can leave them a nice comment that they really like.

Let me add that this is not time for business link sharing. It’s just a message to congratulate or to make them feel really good. (Plan to do so for 30 days, hack – do it for a year!)

Does it work with the passage of time, does it form a group of people who think you are great and if your There are tons of people who follow you and think that stops you, more and more people will be interested in your work.

# 6 Don’t name your company on social media (it’s a bit controversial)

This is a great social media training tip;

If you mention your company on social media, you end the curiosity, people visit your company on Google and you control the display process or worse, they are someone else. There are some great personalities they will join instead of you.

Instead share post lifestyles and benefit and ask people to reach out to you about what you have.

Which leads me to my next hint

# 7 Ask people to send you private messages

I know you’re probably asking yourself if you’re not posting specifically about your company or product, so how are you to get interested people in your business?

This is what to

If you are sharing a story, testimonial, earnings on product or success story. You may want to put CTA at the end of this post.

It creates curiosity and urges your audience to do something with or without buying from you.

For example, “If you’re interested in learning more, send me a private message. I’m happy to let you know what we’re doing.”

# 8 Don’t share a link to your company’s website on social media

Like Tip # 7. You want to share stories and encourage people to reach out to you via private message for more information.

If you post your company’s website, they will go and Google it. And you will lose the prospect in the process.

If you share a link to your company’s website on social media, you may never know they are interested.

# 9 Social Media Training Tip – Have a Facebook Fan Page!

You may or may not know, but it is against Facebook’s terms and conditions to promote any business on your personal profile.

Most people don’t know this, but having a fan page gives you instant credibility and authority with your market and more and more people will take you seriously about their business.

Bear in mind, you need to have right audience in your facebook page as fans. Thats only way to have a good engagement on your facebook page

I hope you got value?


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