9 Secrets Rich People Know About Money Which the Poor Don’t

9 Secrets Rich People Know About Money Which the Poor Don’t

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9 Secrets Rich People Know About Money Which the Poor Don’t

The fact is that everybody want money in life but only few people dare to learn about money. Image can you get what you don’t know how to find, what you need to find it and how you can find it. Many people only know how to work for money, those are poor people. While only few people know how money works, those are rich people.  Do you ever wonder or ponder why most people in the world are poor and only very few are rich.  This is the right post for you know why such happen in the whole world. I shall discuss this post with you 9 Secrets Rich People Know about Money but which poor people don’t.

Like all other, number 5 secret can be a push you need to change your life completely, ensure you read this post till the end.

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  1. Money isn’t scarce as poor people think it is.

Few days ago I was watching one of my mentor Dan lok video. Where he said lack of money is not the problem but only a symptom of problem. But lack of skill is a problem. Majority of people who are poor think they are doomed. They consider rich people to be fortunate with abundant of luck. These people need to think of people who are already rich still continue to invest so as to get more money. These people hold the belief if they don’t hold a political office, inherit company or born in a wealthy family, they can’t be rich.


Whereas this kind of belief is not wrong, but also terrible. Your belief goes a long to determine whom you become. We have sufficient injection money in circulation in every state of the world. But there is a shortage of people who think correctly about it. According to a study, more than 4 trillion dollars exchange hands around the world every day. How are you thinking about money in Abundance or shortage?  For you to become a millionaire or change your financial status, you have to let go of your sense of scarcity and end the poverty thinking.


The mindset of “money doesn’t grow on trees” mentality has nothing better to offer you. Do you real want to build wealth?  Do you real want to have abundance? Start to be in abundance of money surely you shall feel the abundance.

Does money scarce? No. Do you need luck to be rich? Not really. Can you create wealth from the scratch? Yes it is possible. All you need to do is stop believing the lie that money is scarce.


  1. Associate with people who want to be rich

 9 secrets rich people knowAccording to the popular saying that, show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. You need to stop moving or hanging around poor people and expect yourself to be rich. Am so sorry, you can’t be rich around poor people or people lack knowledge of money. How can you learn how to make money from someone who doesn’t know or talk about money.

Many people Think of how to be wealthy and never take a necessary action towards achieving it. People who say, “Money is the root of all evil”, “All rich people are greedy”, and so on, are probably going to remain poor. So tell me, how can you learn and get motivated about money from such people? If you think it’s possible to be rich around people who don’t think or talk money, you must be kidding me. I remember one of my mentor replying people say money is root of all evil he said poverty is the forest of all evil.


Ha ha ha ha…

Unfortunately, Money is not something you will be taught in class room or higher institution. Hence, for you to become rich, you need to find some people of likely minded, who are ambitious and willing to create wealth.  People of goal getters like yourself. Having these of people around you will make easy for you to share ideas and knowledge on what to read.  How to invest and many possible ways of getting rich. Do you really want to be rich? If your answer is yes then associate with people who want to be rich.

  1. School certificate is not master key to wealth anymore.

rich know School certificate is not master key to wealth anymore.In our current life going to school for certificate is no longer automatic qualification to be rich. Higher institution of learning isn’t the answer to your financial freedom. It usually leaves you poor if you are not careful enough to know what you need to know.

The knowledge of wealth creation and how money works is not available in formal school settings. You may have Bsc or PhD or any other school certificate of such in any field. Believe me and you, that won’t teach you factual knowledge about money. School are programmed to teach how to look for white collar jobs, which how to works for money. Majority of youth are full myth mentality like “once am able get MASTERS or anything higher I will be rich” The required skill for making money is totally different from were taught in schools. The earlier you realize the truth the better for you.

Let me tell you this!

The sad but the truth is that you will be better off reading dozens of financial books, attending business seminars, hire a service business coach. This will only cost you a portion of huge amount you paid to acquire your certificate. Are you thinking am against going to school? Not at all. You are free to go and get as higher certificate as possible in case you have many years to mess around looking for jobs that doesn’t exist no.

4. Looking Rich is different from getting rich

Looking Rich is different from getting richMany people who are poor love to look rich. They love to spend money on expensive liabilities, even before they earn it. This is bitter truth about poor people. As explained by Robert Kiyosaki in Rich Dad Poor Dad. He said poor people love to acquire liabilities instead of asset. I believe you are not one of those people. The truth about money is that, money is very easy to spend than to earn. You can use a year or more to earn #500,000 but it won’t take you more than a week to blow it off.  If you are not careful enough. But as the rich they don’t only spend money but also invest.


Most people destroyed their lives buying liabilities in the name of fashion or style. You will see them with latest mobile phones, electronics, cars or even jewelries and others like that. Up till now am yet to understand how a person could wear a shoe of #30,000, but not #3,000 in his wallet. This is simply a poor guy that’s focusing on looking rich. How you buy a car with no source of money to buy fuel or maintain the car.

Laughing! We have a lot of people like that in our society today. If your phone isn’t making you money, then why must you buy an expensive phone? Just to make calls, send texts and surf the web? This is very common among educated people. Just for you to look rich. Stop trying to look rich. Work toward being rich. Save and invest into your future.


  1. Getting rich is not about working hard but working smart.

rich people work smart not hardMany poor people sell their time for money because they believe working hard is the only way to get rich. This is out right wrong. However, rich people also work hard but they work smarter too. Rich people know you can make enough money working with two hands and one brain. So you need to work hard using hundreds of other people’s brains and hands. Do you get what I mean here? Answer this question.  First, how many millionaires in your country do you see that work alone? Probably None. They all have staff of people who are working for them.

There is no hard you work or how smart you are, you still need team of people.  As you can’t do all by yourself. Let’s do a simple exercise here.

First, write a list of 10 poor people you know. Write out 5 people who are working for them. Probably none because poor people are one man battalion. So, write a list of 10 millionaires or rich people you know. Write out 100 people working for them. As you can see in this simple task. Almost all of the millionaires you know have hundreds or a lot of people that are working for them.

I am sure you can now see difference. Everybody like yourself is very limited with just two hands and one brain. For you want to be rich, you have to be smart.  You need to learn how to leverage other people’s brains, time and energy.

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6.Right time will never come.

Time is constant only that your life is a variable of it. Looking for time to be right to good things is a waste. Many poor people wait for external miracle or circumstances to occur before they make right moves. You will hear them say “I will start that business when I save up to #100,000” “I will start investing when I graduated from high school” “I will have chance to do any other thing when my children graduate from college” etc. But then you realize that those days may never come, or should I say they may come but you will still have another reason to push it to another day?


Don’t let it be the day of your retirement before realizing what you should have done right?  Or you finished school without your dream job. Stop hiding behind the shield of your excuses and procrastination or complain.  Dare to face your fear and do what you need to do when you need to do it? A kind habit of waiting for “right time” will not do you any favor but to limits you substantially. It would also keep you away from the ultimate good that has your name written all over it. Rich people are proactive. They don’t wait for change. They fight for it. Stop waiting for change. Now, set out today to fight for the change you desire in your life.


  1. One source of can not make your rich

You should not rely on a single source of income for wealth creation. Majority of people if not all with one source of income are poor. A research shown that an average millionaire has at least 5 streams of income. In Comparison to how poor and educated people only a single well-paying job. They have a very strong belief in job security. Whereas wealthy people don’t ever depend on a single source of income. The rich usually create a number of income streams.

Many poor people have low self-limit belief. They find it so difficult to believe the in possibility of multiple streams of income.  Now that you’re reading this post, I believe you’re not a poor person so I want to tell you the truth. As from today, have strong belief that 3-5 streams of income are possible for most people, including you. It is easier in our current high technological age. Using the power of internet you can start a lot part-time business online. Once you’re curious and passionate, you can create 3-5 streams of income.

  1. Jobs won’t make you rich

rich people know Jobs won’t make you richYou can’t be rich as an employee or 9-5 workers. Many educated poor people don’t this fact. As an Employee you will be working to make your bosses richer. I know many people hate this truth but we have to say it. If you are curious to create wealth start your own business.  We’re sorry you can’t be rich working a job. Have you ever think of it this way? If your boss was happy working for another man or in a Government job. Would he created the company where you are working?

It is possible the money that man you are working for used to established the business or firm you are working with may not be as big as the money you use to buy car? Like any other liabilities you acquired. We have some guys who buy cars of #2000,000 to impress others.  Whereas some smart guys start their businesses with the same #2000,000. This could be as a result thought that starting a business is too risky. So they settle for that job until they are sacked or retire with nothing.


The wealthy understand that what’s risky is allowing your time and earnings to be dictated by a boss who couldn’t care less about whether you get what you want for your life. We’re not bashing job or condemn jobs. All I am saying is that you must not fully depend on job to be rich.

  1. Poor people belief rich people are genius and it’s not true

This very common belief among people who are poor. Rich people are not specially genius but they truly know language of money. Most poor people think the rich are special in some ways but they aren’t. In fact, rich people are as ordinary as poor people, except for one thing; CURIOUSITY.

Rich people are usually very curious. They read, search and ask questions about money and wealth creation. The rich hang around and employ people who are smarter than themselves. This is the same thing you have to do; be curious. Read, search and learn about money and wealth creation. No matter how weak you think you are, you’re stronger than you ever can imagine. I really want you to be rich.

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