8 wonderful lessons in purple cow by Serth Godin

8 wonderful lessons in purple cow by Serth Godin

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Book review

Purple cow by Seth Godin


This is about my understanding and thoughts, I wrote the post on the basis of my opinion about purple cow by Serth Godin. Hence, this post should not to be above expert with opinions or business advisers. I a lifelong student who learn every day of my life.


As the name implies, Purple cow is a book that offer different but useful knowledge about how to kill of competition and increase your sales in 21st century. The ultimate goal of every entrepreneur aside from customer satisfaction is ability to win market competition. That is the only way to make a meaningful sales of goods and service. Right at the conception of business ideas, successful entrepreneur put available and possible market competitors into consideration.           

Imagine if there is a way to win this competition battle by wiping off all your competitors? Hence, you will become king in any target market of your choice. It’s very possible kill off the competition by using a totally different but effective approach with your product in a market. In this post you shall read 8 major lessons in purple cow so as to win market competition.

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  1. Create remarkable products to kill off competition

create a remarkable productsThe number one important lesson in the purple cow is that should not struggle with already severe competition but do create noticeable product for the market. You need to be green ball among all the red balls or you become yellow ball among all the blue balls. This will make many people gives you audience as you look different from others.


  1. Traditional advertisement has lost its power

TV, Radio and all other old traditional marketing techniques are no longer effective. Consumers have a lot of adverts seek their attention every day. So you need to make use of social media and platform like that for your product marketing. The best way is to put your product into the eyes of right audience. It not only about having enough money for advert but doing in the right way.

3. User friendly of a Product

Your product should be created in way that is easy enough to attract the early customers. This flexibility will entice a lot of customers. As a result of this, those users will have an easy time spreading the idea to the rest of their people. Apple is a good example of user friendly product. Truly, many people condemn Apple because of some features yet no one can argue with their ease of use.

4. Changing User Behavior.

People are now changing indirection of marketing and not marketing changing in line with people. Learn how to use technology to make a better product that will change your customer standard behavior. You could carry out this using experiment through introducing new technology. This might make the users to change their behavior once the product work dramatically better. A good example is Smart phones. The creation of wireless hair piece, bluetooth, streaming music to your phone, etc are a great example of how people are changing to the products and not the product to the market. The product needs to be special.


5. Avoid making your Product for Everybody  to kill off competition

Many business start up make a huge mistake of seeing everyone as their customers. Whereas the best way is take a meaning portion of market as your audience or a potential customers. A good example is many radio station we have in our recent time. In case you have passion for Radio station as business you can be a purple cow by creating kids radio or Men only Radio. Ensure to your product for a smaller portion of people with very particular needs you can identify and fulfill.  Who is your target market? Where do they hang out?  What is their needs? How can you help them?

One of the reasons why your business may fail is if you are fair of the sentiment by market people. Okay but every other group or individual that may be angry about your business model Seth Godin is of the opinion that you cannot build a meaningful company in this century except you are remarkable.

Take a few think to think about giant companies in the past that have become history now, Mobile phone company like Nokia, Motorola, samsumg and others. Also a case of Yahoo!, and Hotmail. All of them had large marketing financial power but the failed in today’s tough business environment.  You can win market competition if you apply all wonderful lesson from purple cow highlight above. As it’s easier for you up stage old company so also its easy for emerging companies to upstage you as well. Read our post on how survival as 21st century entrepreneur for more information.

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6. Learn to cope with critics

I understand it’s a human nature to be accepted and appreciated. But in business world you must learn to cope with condemnation, critics and discouragement. For you to build remarkable business. You would attract criticism. Serth Godin said very good is the opposite of remarkable. Most people now a days claim to be very good but you should be remarkable. How about if your slogan could be, We offer the Most Remarkable Service in Nigeria. But must able to back it up? Your customers would surly love you. Your sales would skyrocket.

7.Build market inside your product

Build market inside your productIn purple cow, Seth Godin explained marketing as what you during the process of product creation. From now on, begin to see marketing as part of what you while building your product. One of the great ways to do this in a modern age is to create products with customer satisfaction. This could make consumers to introduce the product to their friends so they too can use them.

Facebook is a good example here digital products like Apple have also figured out how to build marketing into their product in such a way that everyone who uses their product is proud of it enough to bring them out and talk about them with your friends and family. Make sure you build market inside your product and not mass marketing after production.

8. What to Do When people don’t Listen to you

This happens as people have a lot of products and offer seeking their attention. Sometimes it could be wise to start free sample offer for potential customers. This could serve a means to have permission for marketing. In purple cow Serth Godin said advertisement or marketing is for people you have their audience. You only have two options is either you find a way to win the completion war or you leave the market.

As explained in one of the lessons above, traditional marketing is no longer effective. Put some of your energy on a social media campaign on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. You never know what will happen until you give it a try. For example,  someone searching the Google for kitchen knives and you have kitchen knives to sell you can compare that to see in a TV ad about kitchen knives when you even hate cooking now you get the point.

Are there some lessons you know are missing in purple cow that’s worthy of talking about?

What points would you like to add to this post?  Do share your opinion in comment box

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