7 lies network marketers love tell you

7 lies network marketers love tell you

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I usually find it hard to believe why Network Marketers tell lies for prospects. But am very sure those Network Marketers are only after sign up fees commission their respective companies will pay them. Have you been lied to? You are not alone I was a victim of Network Marketer selfish and greedy approaches which I call lies in the past. Do you know that 90% of people who sign up with Network marketing stay less than one year? Only 10% of newbie stay beyond 90 days.

Whose fault? Up line or new recruit. Reserve your answer until after you finished reading this post, as I would share 7 lies network marketer tell you.


Wait a minute!

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Now lets continue………

Lie 1 its simple

Many of new recruit joined the network marketing as a result of huge income claim by the network marketers or up lines that the business is very simple. Hence, you will find it hard to cope with technicality of network marketing business. Also, if you network marketing of making money doing nothing or doing little to get much. From now on change your mindset as network marketer is not simple and not difficult to succeed.


Lie 2 it is easy, anyone can do it

This another wonderful network marketers lies especially during prospecting. They believe the easy would make you sign up with them. Truly, network marketing is easy to any extent before you have a huge task ahead to make it easy. It is better if you say it is easy once you are doing all the necessary activities. Also anyone who can learn the required skills can do it.


Lie 3 you can make big money almost immediately in network marketing

the lies of network marketingThis statement make me laugh anytime I read it online. Some network marketers will even put time limit. Like join my company with #5000 and earn #40000 every month. I am very sure you must come across this kind of statement online as well. It’s very good to join company with possibility of making money almost immediately. Such registration bonus, earning from selling company product. But making a big money immediately is a big network marketer lie.



Lie 4 Our Company is the best

Almost everyday I come across Network Marketers online, the most common statement they tell me is Our company is the best. This usually happened when you have already joined a particular company and they eager for you to join their instead. Some will even go further to tarnish your say company image so as to take a look at their company. This one of the important reason you will need to learn how to overcome network marketing prostitution.

Lie 5 All you have to do is talk to people you know

In network marketing you have 2 categories people in our life. One categories is called warm market and the other is called cold market. Warm market are people who you know and they know you, while cold market are the people you meet in life whom could turn to warm market as well. Now, you are told to talk only to people you know [warm market]. Its very good if you start from them but many of them may not join your business. You need to prepare your mind for this so as not get disappointed if they don’t join you. All you need to do is to talk to people you know is a lie too!


Lie 6 Everyone will want this product. It sell itself

You can truly have a high demanding product but are looking for alternative everyday as well. Never believe your product will sell itself, or people would ask for your product without necessary marketing activities. This another great network marketers lie just for you to join them.

Lie 7 I will get referrals for you

great lies in network marketingThis is father of all lies from network marketers. You are told I will get referrals for you because many Nigerians love to hear this. Yes, the leading rejection statement from business opportunities seeker is I don’t want referral business, I don’t have people to bring into business, I don’t know how to sell. This could be why you are told don’t worry yours is to register I will do everything for you.


Wait a minute!

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Now lets continue………


Having listed out all the lies above, now let’s discuss the truth.


Truth 1 you will give it  time

Truth 2  It requires smart work

Truth 3  you will have to be consistency

Truth   4  It requires Mental toughness

Truth 5 The business requires Skill

Truth 6  It requires Focus

The alarming rate of most people failure is mostly caused by wrong expectation such as getting rich quick, making money doing nothing, frustrated because your Friends and family not joining you, jumping from one company to another etc. just to mention a few.


Truly, an employee mindset won’t definitely work in Entrepreneur role or business world. Additionally, you need to master the success formula by Eric wore which he called 1-3-5-7 1. What did he mean by this?

You need at least 1 year to be competent and profitable in network marketing industry. If you can’t wait go and get a job. It takes at least 3 years for serious people to be a full time network marketers, that’s transition from part time to full time. Its takes at least 5 years with consistency effort, practices, actions and studies to be a network marketer professional. Its takes around 7 years or more to be world class in network marketing industry.


Now,  What are the way out?

If you fail is in you and if you succeed is in you. Successful Entrepreneur don’t whine about lack support, they look for it, they don’t whine for lack of training they look for knowledge.

So to be successful in network marketing industry or business of your choice. You need do the following


Give it time

Give it effort

Be persistent

Continue to learn

Be a professional


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A network marketer, entrepreneur and investor, I am happily married with kids. I reside in Ibadan and run a company in Northern side of Nigeria. I am currently earning passive income working from the comfort of my home using the Internet, email, and the telephone with an incredible sense of security and peace of mind. I've been earning a full-time income from home online since 2014, mostly within the network marketing and direct sales industry, and in recent years.

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