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As network marketer, you will never succeed until you learn this 7 great tips.

What if you could earn extra money while still working on your job?

You can achieve that with the power of network marketing business.

However, many networkers fail to make a dime in network marketing business. In this post, I will tell you 7 great Ideas to succeed in your Network marketing business.

1. Know your target market

Many people make mistake of believing everyone is your target market. This is far from truth. Well, that what your upline told you. I was told the samething few years ago.

Let me use of MTN as an example. As you know everyone uses the service of network provider.

Does that mean everyone is MTN customers.

Definitely NO!

You need to figure out the specific people who are your hot and right target market. Do a research about them.

What is their age?

Whats is their gender

Where do they hang out

… and much more

You will be making a big mistake if you believe poor people are your target market because you offer them income opportunity.

So you need to do your research work very well so as not be wasting your time on wrong target audience /market.

2.Have your why established.

Some people argue that for to go far in your business. You need to choose a business or network marketing company to join around what you are passionate about.

Thats good suggestion, but the most important things is to have your established. You need to define why you joined or want to join network marketing business.

Your why could be;

Low start up capital

Work from home opportunities

Time and financial freedom

But just before you choose mlm industry. Is there no any other industry that could give above benefits as well

You must ensure network marketing business is on top of the list before you start or even continue if you are already in the industry. As thid will go along way to motivate you when ever challenges comes up.

3.Dont chase your family and friends around

I agree when you joined your mlm company. You were told to write down the name of people you know. Your upline teach you to tell all your friends and family about your business

Well, thats is a very good way to start. But the result is not always encouraging.

Do you know what your upline forget to tell you?

99.9% of your family and friends will not join your business.

You will make a fortune in mlm business with strangers than your old time friends and families.

Don’t blame your friends and families(you will do the same if you are in their shoes). Your family and friends will not join you as they will like to see your result in the business.

4. Choose a single platform for a start

I know you have a lot of social media opportunities but choose the one that best fit your business. You can not be promoting your business on all the social medias(especially when you a new start up) at a time. You need to build a right target of audience one plaform before you move to the next.

For example, you can start with Instagram and later move to Facebook or Twitter and vice versa.

5.Learn Everyday.

Have you ever think of of why we have many poor graduates in Nigeria? They stop learning after they left school. In network marketing business like every other business. You need to learn everyday. Nothing good come easy. You must educate yourself daily

6. Be Consistent

Many networker are usually very active in the first 3 months they join. Once the result is not forthcoming they stop working on the business.

Its very common to looose focus when your trusted friends and family refuse to join your business opportunity. You need to realize consistency is the key. I will advice you to read books on how to be self discipline which is the gate way to consistency.

I urge you to try and give your a productive task consistently. You will be amazed by your end results

7. Dont quit

You only become a failure when you quit. The rule is the same in every business, you will fail in mlm business when you quit.

You can imagine a boxing or wrestling as an example. You only loose a competition when you fail to try more.

Above are my 7 great ideas that could help your success in network marketing business.

Would you like to add more the ideas?

Kindly drop it below

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