5 importance lessons from Pencil for Entrepreneurs

5 importance lessons from Pencil for Entrepreneurs

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One of the characteristic that separate successful entrepreneurs from the rest is the willingness  to learn and take action.


Pencil is familiar writing tool you and I made use of while in elementary school. As a tool you started your learning journey with in those days. It provides you a wonderful lesson that could be a missing valve in your business or life. In this post you shall read about 5 important lessons from Pencil.


  1. Pencil can write and erase

learn from pencil and erazerIn your journey of entrepreneur in business world. You can learn amazing lesson from pencil.


You could recollect when you start learning how to write pencil was preferred ahead of Pen. I am sure you know why? Pencil offers you opportunity to easily correct your mistake.


As you were still at the start point of letter A,B,C etc. The number one lesson from pencil that you could apply in your business is that as a start up or a struggling entrepreneurs.


Evaluate your strategies, plan and system, then erase what is not working. Go ahead and replace them with new tactics or system. This could a reason why life is hard after school

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  1. What is inside of your business is useful than what is outside.

In our society, people go after packaging instead of quality service. As a business owner your view should be different from this.

I am not saying you are not to packaging or branding your business very well. But ensure you have a quality product or service to justify branding and packaging.

Another wonderful lesson from pencil is that let your goal be what is inside your business and not what is outside.


Do you still remember those beautiful pencils but easily got broke after sharpened them? Hence, learn from them.

  1. Pains of loss business should make you stronger


Pencil taught you a lesson that your pains will surely make you stronger only if you don’t quit. Many people fail in one or two businesses, they decide to say No to business opportunity or call it off in their entrepreneur goals or career.


Are you tired? Are you disappointed? You are not alone. Its part of learning in business. Your determination to keep pushing will offer you a success.

Look at the pencil, before pencil can be useful it must pass through pain from razor. As an entrepreneur prepare for pain in losing your money, not making sales, losing customers and others challenges that may arise.


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  1. Every act in your business leaves a mark

Do you realized in life that every failure is a step forward to your success. Those marks could either be positive or otherwise.

Whatever kinds of mark it is you can still learn from them all. As you know while erasing mistakes in writing with pencils you can still see some traces of wrong ones.


Always ensure you embrace good marks and completely removed negative marks or traces in your business.


  1. The quicker you take good decision the better for your business

the more sharpen your pencil the shorter it becomesAs an entrepreneur, you need to take quick and good decision asap.



Do you take more than enough time before you take decision in your business? You should learn that the more sharpen your pencil the shorter it becomes.


I agree with you, you need to evaluate properly before you decide. However, don’t take too long before you always decide.


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