4 Secrets For Network Marketing Success

4 Secrets For Network Marketing Success

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4  Secrets For Network Marketing Success

Definition of Success differs for every individual, for some people accumulation of wealth, touching many people lives positively whereas financial freedom is what success mean to many people. Whatever success means to you.  Success define achievement of an individual in all walks of life, the same is for Network Marketing business. After you have choosing the right network marketing company to partner with. To be a successful network marketer, you will to need to read the 4 secrets in this post.

Nowadays, many network marketers failed in our industry because they lack knowledge of core values for success in network marketing business. In this post you shall read vital lesson about these core values of network marketing success


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Belief in the Network Marketing Company

Belief in the Network Marketing CompanyAs explained in our post how to choose right network marketing company, you must have a strong belief in your chosen company. A lot of networkers had fall victim of lack trust in company they partnered with. This has significant impact in how far they will go in our industry. They will be prone to mlm prostitution syndrome which is moving from company to another.

Once you partner with a network marketing company you must strong belief that the company has solid foundations, is well financed to achieve its goals, has the right management team to achieve growth and will provide you a long term future. When I started my journey in Mlm.  I joined 4 different companies in my first 2 years which were all start ups and things went wrong because the companies proved not to have these solid foundations. All these companies are nowhere to be found today.


My personal experience with these mlm companies cost me valuable time, energy, contacts & many people I brought into these businesses were hurt as a result of the companies failings. The important lesson from the experience is that I personally would not ever again get involved with a new company.


This then bring the question how do you pick the right Mlm Company for you?  You can check our post how to choose the right company to partner with for my full personal criteria. Some of them are as follows:

Does the company have physical office?

Is the company operating with recognized documents of registration?

Are the founders and key executives of the company from the network marketing industry either in the field or corporate or who are the people behind the companies?  This to me is critical as non-network marketing company owners eventually resent the high incomes they have to pay to the top achieving leaders. This results in changes to the pay plan and the business can get destroyed overnight.

Is the product being delivered to the customer efficiently? One of the reasons I love working with a my present company is that a new member gets the product instantly wherever they are in the world. All the headaches of physical delivery, stocking product and retailing the product are removed.

The company has excellent marketing tools online and offline to help reps build the business. This includes a great corporate website as well as great marketing websites. Although a good up line can a solution if a company lacks this

There is a program of training in place to develop reps and create leaders by creating duplication. You will gain belief in the company by doing your own due diligence or you know that your sponsor or up line support team have done the due diligence and you trust their judgment. Over time you can constantly increase your belief in the company by attending local events, company events, conference calls, webinars, masterminding with leaders or even visiting the company HQ and meeting with the founders and executives.

Belief in the Product

Network marketing has always been about sharing a product or service that you love and enjoy using yourself and sharing it with others. The same way we do when you had experienced a great movie. When you ate at a great restaurant, been blown away by your new android or loved using Facebook or another social media and you told others about it. Frankly speaking if you do not feel that way about the product your company is marketing you are in the wrong company.

My personal suggestion for choosing the right product to market includes the following:

I must be passionate about using the product.

The product must offer value to the target customer.

There must no fear factor in sharing the product with people i.e the product must be legal

Product that can be offer to a large market

The product must has a reasonable price to everyone.

The product is should be easy to use.

Buyer should enjoy satisfaction to buy back the product


It very paramount you will belief in the product by using it and enjoying it with passion. I have been involved in companies in the past anytime the product stopped exciting me then it’s time to make a change.


Belief in Network Marketing itself

network marketing beliefThis core value is where all other values rest on. Having a strong belief is network marketing business as a vehicle for success is a must. By getting an understanding that it is big business and that it is a legitimate business model that will give you a financial freedom.

Network Marketing (also known as MLM or Direct Selling) works and it is BIG BUSINESS

There are so many great successful people in network marketing like Donald who co-authored along with Robert Kiyosaki (author of the world famous Rich Dad Poor Dad) a great book called “Why We Want You To Be Rich”. The book is a must read for aspiring networker

Both Donald and Robert gave out opinions on network marketing and also some excellent advice on how to succeed.


Warren Buffet, the world’s top investor who owns more than 50 businesses which 3 of them are network marketing Companies. Warren Buffet was quoted as saying “The Best Investment I ever made…” is when it came to his MLM investment.

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How Network marketing is different from pyramid scheme?

Many people get confused about major different between MLM and pyramid. Pyramid Schemes are not businesses and not LEGAL! Pyramid Schemes is money doubling system which do not offer product or service to customers. The only way to make money is people pay to people.  Once it takes too long for people to join the system will eventually crashed.


Whereas Network Marketing companies are paying their representatives for distributing a real product or render service to customers. A meaningful percentage of the income generated from the sales of the product or service rendered by the network of team members you build is paid back to you through the compensation plan. Many companies make use of Network marketing because is not too cost and very simple to use. Hence, the companies will save a huge amount supposed to use for massive marketing or advertising as well as huge competition in the market.

Right now am sure will know popular Billionaires mentioned above would not involve themselves in something that is illegal or will damage their business reputations and credibility. From today on be rest assured network marketing is NOT the same as Pyramid Schemes.

Belief in Yourself

Belief in Yourself as a networkerHenry Ford said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” This is very correct of every human being as your believe system is your strongest weapon.  Its most important of all core values. You should use personal development as the key to gaining belief in yourself. By reading business books daily, by attending training events, seminars, online podcast, company events, webinars, and motivational videos with leaders will help you increase your belief that you can do it. The more you learn the more you earn.

Some of personal development books you can read are Think and Grow Rich (Napolean Hill), How to Win Friends and Influence People (Dale Carnegie), Purple cow (Serth Godin) Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (T. Harv Eker), Rich Dad Poor Dad (Robert kiyosaki), science of getting rich, richest man in bablyon and others will continually build your success mindset.  Some of them are available as audio books to listen to on your android or in the car.

Also you can make Youtube and google as a resource place to get all necessary training online.

Subscribe to YouTube channel of great people in network marketing industry. Such experts like Eric worre, Dan lok, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar & Les Brown, Grant cardone, Dan lok, Simon chan etc will also fast track to build your self-confidence for success.


How to get started as a network marketer.

Choosing the right company

Finding success as a network marketer will come a lot easier if you choose the right company to work with. It is necessary you join companies with great products and a good pay plan. A company with a product you are passionate about is a great choice as well. Once you sense a sign of pyramid get out of the business as early as you can.

Get enough training

Whether you are fortunate to have an effective up line or not, ensure you get all necessary immediately you sign up with a company of your choice. The training is absolutely vital for success in a small business whether these resources come in the forms of videos, e-books or documents. You should take advantage of them all.  So learn everything you can from leaders in your company and attend the meetings that they hold to train their people make this a regular part of your life either as we say get in or get out.


Build network with fellow networkers

You should create a good relationships with people in network marketing industry. Your success in the business is about connecting with people with is more about building relationship. Never forget it’s your responsibility is to help and support people who joined the business under you. You need help them successful as you will enjoy the benefits at the end. So you must build a good relationships with your fellow marketers.

Take your business serious

Don’t get carry away with the popular saying of network marketing as a plan B. You need to take care of business as if your life rest on it. Design a time to work on it every day with new strategies, prospecting, follow up, closing etc. Once you decided to get serious about this business you will realize it’s a sure to acquire financial freedom.

Take advantage of the internet the Internet has revolutionized the way marketers are able to interact with potential customers and the same goes for network marketing. However this doesn’t mean simply spamming your Facebook friends constantly which is as far as many network marketers take their online efforts well you certainly should reach out to your social media friends especially as a newbie.

There are a wealth of other opportunities that the internet provides as well these include starting a website or blog on a particular subject creating YouTube videos building social-media followings capturing the email addresses of leads and marketing to them etc.

Your journey as regard online marketing activities really dependent on your skills and the amount of time you committed to do it.  In other words how serious you are will attract potential new networkers to you.  As you encounter your network marketing journey you will hit obstacles and challenges that will constantly challenge you and question your personal belief that you can get success. The key is to give it time, be persistent and consistent and always focus on WHY you are doing it. Write down your goals and dreams and never lose sight on them.


If you’d like to start finding success as a network marketer be sure to do your research follow my recommendation above and put in the work that is necessary. You may find that network marketing is one of the most rewarding endeavors you’ve ever undertaken.

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