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You need to avoid these 3 mistakes in your network marketing business business If You Want To Be A Top Recruiter!


If you are trying to recruit network marketing prospects on social media, and you are not getting the desired results (or you want more results) then definitely read this!


Because there is a possibility that you are reducing one of the three fatal mistakes on Facebook, and this prevents your results.

In the Network Marketing Expert Interview with Erin Birch below, you’ll learn the mistakes you need to avoid, and what to do instead!


This is the fastest way to eliminate any hope of collaborating with new social media prospects.


#Deadly Mistakes

Telling new friends about yout offer immediately .


First of all, you will automatically make them feel like they are just a sale prey for you! People do not go on social media to sold to. They come online to socialize!



Deadly mistake #2

Not having you anywhere on your profile


When you start talking about a your opportunity on social media, they are going to do it for you first. They will go and see your profile and your timeline and what kind of things you are posting.


Basically they want to know you a little bit.


Yet when you’re not on your real self on your timeline (your picture, and guessing who you are) it eliminates any kind of information, such as, and the element of belief that you just have to create. Have a chance!


And if you want to lock people into your opportunities, or make them buy your products or use your services … then that’s exactly what you should have. Know , like, and Trust!


They have to see you as an authority figure. A leader they should follow, because they are looking someone to guide them


They also want to make sure that you are serious about your business!

Having nothing show you capability on your timeline also indicates a lack of confidence. And people do not follow disbelieving people.

Heck maybe they’ll write you as a fake profile too!

If you want to recruit your business on social media, this is the exact opposite notion you want to make with new prospects!

Take a look at the example below in which you may need to make some significant changes to your Facebook profile so that you can take advantage of social media for network marketing.

You’ve seen it move.

The sad fact is that spamming gives you enough leads and sales to grow a successful business. Sure you can get some leads and sales here and there from time to time … but it will be detrimental to the future potential of your business.


DDeadly Mistake #3

Spam, spam, spam your tineline!

When you spam on your timeline, the first thing people think of is “Oh, I’m going to mess up right now!” And no one goes to social media to get messiah!

It just turns people off!

Another important reason is that you never want to do this.

When someone does nothing to you but spams your product completely on the wall, even if they are interested in it… they still need to go to you to learn more about your product or opportunity is not needed. is.

They can easily Google it, find another agent, or find a duplicate company’s website … or expect to buy it from Amazon!

Here is the deal

You are the patron of all information about your products and opportunities. When you engineer like this, and someone is interested, you are going to sell and sign up!

Need proof?

Have you ever seen a leader in your industry who spam their timeline? The answer is no!

This means that if you want to be understood as a leader (and if you are serious about your business then you definitely have to)…Don’t spam!

Then you should act like a trusted leader and never spam your Facebook wall!


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