How to find investors in Nigeria

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An investor is a person or institution that has enough capital to invest in different types of businesses to gain financial returns. An investor can appraise an investing opportunity from diverse perspectives to avoid losing money, reduce risk, and increase profit potentials. There are different kinds of investors with different risk appetites. You have those that invest in the short term and those that would invest in the long-term. However, you that need money to start a business must find the right type of investor you need to fulfill your dreams of launching that burning idea that is fast gathering

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How to Guide Your Employees to Post More on Social Media

Want your employees to share more about your business on social media? Wondering how best to guide their social media posts? In this article, you’ll discover how to develop guidelines to help employees post more on social media and find examples of types of posts employees can model. #1: Create Clear Social Media Guidelines for […]

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14+ Well-Paying Side Hustles You Never Knew Existed

A large part of the world population is in paid employment, while many others are running one form of business or the other. While everyone’s goal is to make enough money to not just take care of their bills but to also be able to afford themselves a great life, achieving this is tough as […]

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How to Choose the Right Facebook Attribution Model

Are you struggling to track the impact of your Facebook ads? Wondering which Facebook attribution model to use? In this article, you’ll discover seven different Facebook ad attribution models to assess your campaigns’ performance. About Facebook Attribution Models The Facebook attribution tool gives you insights into your customers’ purchasing journey and the roles of different […]

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Understanding Limited Liability Company in Nigeria

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A limited liability company can be defined as a company where the liability of the shareholders is limited to the quantity of share capital of each shareholder if ever the Company is liquidated. The shareholders agree to bear responsibility only up to the number of their shares in that Company. A company is an association of people who agree to contribute their capital to start a business that is different from themselves. They could choose to form a limited liability company. In this post, you will learn about types of limited liability companies, two kinds of limited liability companies, and

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Work From Home Tips That Helps Productivity For Teams And Businesses

These are stressful times for many entrepreneurs and business owners. Companies around the globe have rolled out work from home policies amid the spread of Covid-19.

We can’t tell how long the work from home reality will last. For some businesses and employees, this is their first experience, so figuring out how to stay productive in an environment that may not lend itself to productivity is a new challenge.

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It’s the job of managers and leaders to “keep the spirits up”. It’s easy to be stressed out or depressed as a business owner these days. However, in as much as you acknowledge there are stress and difficulty, you are responsible for providing clear communication to your team. You have to keep morale up. Being a cheerleader of your team and ensuring work gets done is your job as a leader.

We will discuss work from home tips that will help entrepreneurs and team members to get work done and be productive while they work from home.

Work From Home Tips


The key to working from home (Coronavirus or not) is clear communication. What’s expected from each member of the team should be clearly communicated.

Most people spend their days in close proximity to their boss, meaning that communication is easy and effortless. With remote work, that’s out of the window, especially if your team is not used to working from home.

Also, some managers or bosses may not be used to managing people remotely. It’s time to learn the tools that you need to manage your team.

Communication can also help deal with the feeling of loneliness and isolation that is associated with remote work. Loneliness can make people feel less motivated and less productive.

When bosses and teams communicate regularly and clearly, it helps, especially if it’s through a richer medium of communication; face-to-face and instant.

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Manage Expectations

As an employee, it will be nice to have a discussion with your employer about what can actually be accomplished from home and timelines. Also, you also have to take into account the tools you need to accomplish the task required of you.

Basically, know what the priorities are and discuss how tasks will get done. If you are working on a project, how will teams track projects they’re working together on? How will the completed task be delivered? Will there be a standing meeting at a particular time to get everyone coordinated? There should be an ongoing conversation at every point to ensure everyone is on the same page.

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Start Early

When you work from an office, you will wake early, because you need to commute to work. But, at home, there’s the temptation to still sleep some more and often, the transition from your bed to your computer can take longer.

One way to get productive when you work from home is to get up early as though you are commuting to the office. Prepare as though you are going to work and dive into your to-do-list immediately. If not, you will prolong leaving your bed and having breakfast, and the morning sluggishness will wear off your motivation. At the end of the day, you will get nothing done.

Work On Your Mindset

The mind shift you make between work and the office will help your productivity. As you awake in the morning, have the mindset that, you are going to work.

When you work from home, do all the things you’d do to prepare for an office. For instance, set an alarm to wake you up, have your tea or coffee, take a bath, wear a nice dress and dress up (remember your team member or boss may call in anytime on facetime). What I’m saying is, get fully ready for the day and pretend you’re going to work.

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Have A Dedicated Workspace

Have a place in your home, you go specifically for work. An organised workspace dedicated to your work will help you get into the right frame of work.

Remember, just because you are not working from the office doesn’t mean you can’t have an office. Avoid spaces that are associated with leisure like the couch or your bedroom,

Take Active Measure To Avoid Social Media

Well, except you are a social media manager and use social media tools for your work, otherwise, you have to ensure you don’t get sidetracked by social media.

Social media is conveniently designed for you to open easily and browse. When you work from home, this convenience can be detrimental to your productivity.

You can remove your social media networks from your browser shortcuts and log out of every social media account to counteract your social network ease of use. It guarantees that you are not tempted to take many social breaks during the day.

Stay Connected To Your Team Using Technology

If you are not used to working from home, it will make you feel cut off from the larger operation. Use instant message and facetime tools to make it easy to check in on co-workers.

It will remind you of how your work is contributing to the big picture and how it fits into the whole goal of the company. Finding the right tool to keep you and your team connected is important for staying productive at home. Most times, management advice on the right tools to stay connected.

Communicate Expectations With Anyone At Home With You

Of course, working at home does not mean you won’t have ‘company’. You may have parents, kids, spouses, pets living with you. Ensure you communicate expectations to them, and they should know to respect your work hours.

Just because you work at home does not mean you are home. It’s easy to get distracted with people at home or with many things that have to be done at home.

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Take A Clear Break

Structure your time and input clear break time. That you work in the same building where you sleep should not stop you from taking time to relax.

During your break, leave your work desk, take a walk or spend time with people at home.

Don’t assume you need to be working 100% of the time while you’re home to be more productive. Breaks like making and eating lunch can recharge you to do better work.

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Indeed, not all jobs can be done from home; fast food and factory workers, nurse and doctors, etc. During this time of uncertainty, if you can’t work remotely, ask your employer what you can do to ensure you don’t lose pay.

One thing that’s important is that we need to be disciplined, make some changes to our habits and routine to make working from home a success. If we are able to achieve this, it becomes a win-win situation for everyone; employer and employee.

As an entrepreneur, you need to take proactive steps to make your brand top of mind by profiling your business on Reach out today to get started.

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Louise Mushikiwabo – Biography And Career Of Rwandan Politician And Secretary-General Of OIF

Louise Mushikiwabo is a Rwandan politician and public relations executive. She is the current Secretary-General of Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), thereby becoming the second woman to hold this position.

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Prior to OIF, Louise was the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Rwanda from 2009 to 2018. Also, she was once the Rwandan Minister of Information.

Generally, she has been praised for her ability to achieve goals, due to her political sense of intuition.

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Louise Mushikiwabo

Louise Mushikiwabo Background

Louse Mushikiwabo was born on May 22 1961 in Kigali, Rwanda as the youngest of nine children. Her father Bitsindinkumi, a Tutsi from the Batsobe clan was a farmer, and her mother, Nyiratulira was a first cousin of the philosopher and historian, Alexis Kagame. Altogether, Louise belongs to the generation of independence both in her country and in Afrca.

Firstly, she grew up in Kigali where she had her primary and secondary school education. Then in 1981, she moved to the National University of Rwanda, Butare to study English until 1984. Then, she worked briefly as a secondary school teacher.

In 1986, she moved to the US for MA in Languages and Interpretation at the University of Delaware.  After graduating in 1988, Louise remained in Washington, D.C, United States.

Louise is fluent in French, English and Kinyarwanda languages.

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Louise Mushikiwabo Career

Louise began her career at lobbying organisations. Subsequently, she took a role at the African Development Bank (ADB). At ADB, she lived briefly in Tunisia and worked in the communications department and then became the bank’s Communications Director.

After, in March 2008, she was called to return home by the President of the Republic of Rwanda, Paul Kagame. On her return, she became the Minister for Information and acted as the government spokesperson. Next, in December 2009, she was appointed the Foreign Minister of Rwanda and International Cooperation.  

Similarly, on October 12, 2018, Louise was elected as the fourth Secretary-General of Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF). This was an acclamation by the Heads of State and Government at the XVII Francophonie in Yerevan, Armenia.

As a result, she became the second woman after Michaelle Jean, to head the OIF, an organisation that represents nations and regions that speak French as a customary language.

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Louise Mushikiwabo

Rwanda Means the Universe

In 2006, Louise co-wrote a book titled Rwanda Means the Universe. It was written alongside an American journalist and ex-marine, Jack Kramer. The book is a socio-historical intergenerational and semi-autobiographical memory. It centers around the Rwandan genocide against the Tutsi in 1994.

The book describes her family history, her early life in Rwanda, and her perspective of the genocide while in Washington, US as she received the news of the death of her family members.

Aside the book, she has also written other articles for print and digital press. She has participated in several TV and radio programs on Rwandan and Pan-African subjects.

Also, she is a collaborator on many documentary films such as; the BBC – When Good Men Do Nothing; Internews -The Arusha Tapes; CNN & Times – Called to Account and many others.

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Aside from being the Secretary-General of the OIF, some other public positions she holds include;

  • Member of the Advisory Council, Munich Security Conference
  • Member International Gender Champions, IGC

Awards And Recognition

  • Outstanding Humanitarian Award, American University and School of International Studies, 2004
  • The 50 Most Influential Africans, The African Report, 2012
  • Most Influential African Personalities on the Continent, Jeune Afrique, 2018
  • 100 Most Influential Africans, The New African Magazine, 2018
  • Nominee, Honorary Woman of the Year, Women Choice’s Awards, 2019
  • One of the 50 Most Powerful Women in Africa, Forbes Africa, 2020

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Louise Mushikiwabo Quotes

“Unfortunately, most westerners form their opinions of Africa based on the reporting and news in their own countries.”

“As long as countries wave cheque books over our head, we can never be equal”.

“When we say that life is full of surprises, it is real.”

“I think that sentiment of ambition and moving forward has to do with the thirst to live to the fullest.”

“Our choice is not to have politicians fight – our choice is to keep going.”

“The French language has no complex when compared to English. But the world today is such that it is beneficial to those who speak French to speak other languages. We go much further with more languages. We are more fortunate in employment and training with more languages…”

“English is today the language of Silicon Valley, of technology, of research, of social networks…”

“Human rights are not reserved for some countries and not for others. These are aspirations that everyone has. There are always improvements to be made in rights and freedoms.”

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Lessons From The Life of Louise Mushikiwabo

Odds can also create defining moments

During the Rwandan genocide, in a bit to challenge some of the politics Louise saw, she took interest in congressional politics in the US and started working for lobbying organisations.

According to her, hearing the death of her family members during that time was so challenging and terrible. But despite all odds, she came out of that episode with a lot of strength that she initially didn’t think she’d have. So, she wrote the book Rwanda Means the Universe, where she was able to explain the whole situation of the genocide. To date, the book still offers insight for the upcoming generation.

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Learn from every available opportunity

According to Mushikiwabo, she learned a lot from President Paul Kagame in different ways. For instance, during their years of working together, she learned how he handles foreign affairs and the ways he pursues the interests of the country.

She disclosed “I very much feel that I am influenced politically by the president for who he is and what he represents for our country.”

Taking all her experiences and training seriously did not only pave way for her in OIF, but it has helped her in fulfiling her role as the Secretary-General.

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In this critical time, an online visibility is what your business needs to survive. Contact us today, let’s get started.

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Understanding Sole Proprietorship in Nigeria

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A Sole Proprietorship business sometimes referred to as a “one-man business” is a type of business that is started and run by one person with the sole motive of serving to meet a need and making a profit. This person is the sole financier, controller, and manager of the business. He takes all the decisions and enjoys the benefits. But the person bears all the risk alone because a Sole proprietorship business is not a legal person. The company cannot sue or be sued in its name because it is not distinct from the owner. Its sources of funds are

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An Emotionally Intelligent Person Has These Qualities; Must-haves For Every Entrepreneur

An emotionally intelligent person is someone who is aware that his/her emotion can drive their behavior and impact other people. The emotionally intelligent person then learns how to manage those emotions for the good of everyone.

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“I had my dream job. It was going to groom my potentials and shoot me to a higher level and yet, annoyingly, I was always very grumpy at work. My boss was unarguably the toughest nut to crack and the most difficult person I had ever come across. He rarely cared about anyone but himself and was always quick to criticize whatever I presented to him. Often, I felt like my colleagues never tried hard enough to be friends with me, which was why I always turned down their support. It was awful. I dreaded going to work for a long time and finally just became nonchalant. Some days later, I resigned. They didn’t deserve me, they couldn’t handle me…so I left.”

The above scenario describes the typical lifecycle of an average (Nigerian) employee. And, like it or not, emotional intelligence plays a very important role and serves as a crucial determinant in the situation.

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What Is Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence(EI) is the ability of a person to identify how they feel, understand what these feelings mean and efficiently manage their reactions to these feelings, concerning how it affects other people. And, in case you were wondering, this isn’t a new concept.

If you randomly ask people how emotionally intelligent they are, most of them will beat their chest and swear for up to about 95% and some (especially in our Nigerian society) might even relate it to be a nice person.

Emotional intelligence focuses more on managing human relations and promoting healthy environments rather than just being nice. Daily, we engage people with unique personalities and find that they sometimes lack certain abilities to effectively relay and/or relate their emotions. And, effectively dealing with these distinctions require adequate emotional intelligence.

Daniel Goleman, an American psychologist who helped to promote emotional intelligence, inferred that emotional intelligence maintains a vital role in balancing our lives in both professional and personal aspects. Intellect alone would not make up for a lack of it.

An emotionally intelligent person is a highflyer in any field. How can we tell? We will look at the qualities of emotionally intelligent people.

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Qualities Of Emotionally Intelligent People

They Have Great Social Skills

People who do well with sociable skills are great influencers and communicators, and thus are great at managing and resolving conflicts. This goes beyond them having thousands or even millions of followers on social media and focuses on their ability to properly interrelate.

When you understand how to relate acceptably with every unique personality you come across, it is because of the communication and social skills you acquired due to a high level of emotional intelligence. This set of people always see the bigger picture and are trusting.

They Are Tactful

Having and showing sensitivity in dealing with others/difficult issues is another skillset of an emotionally intelligent person. They understand situations and act accordingly in the most diplomatic way.

Emotionally intelligent people don’t react emotionally, rather they choose their words wisely and think thoroughly before they speak. They are never rude or careless and are very good communicators. Displaying tact as an entrepreneur is a good way to build your credibility and reputation with your audience.

They Are Good Reformers

Being a good reformer should mean that you are not afraid of change. These kinds of people are rarely satisfied with leaving things as they are and are always looking for ways to improve the situation around them. They are not comfortable with just sitting back and not doing any work.

Also, they can adapt to situations as they understand it is a necessary life phenomenon. Because they are great listeners, they are flexible, embrace change, are result-driven and knowledge enthusiasts.

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They Are Self-aware

An emotionally intelligent person is a self-aware person. When you are self-aware, you know what your strengths and weaknesses are and understand how your emotions can affect people. Because you understand your persona, it helps to boost a healthy level of confidence while still being humble.

Self-aware people are willing to learn and work on their weaknesses thereby, making them generally successful and efficacious. They do not let emotional distress cloud their judgment in making important decisions of life. Moreover, they take responsibility for their actions.

They Display Empathy

Basically, they put themselves in the other person’s situation to properly understand their emotions and react accordingly. This, having been labeled as the hallmark of emotional intelligence, is another vital quality of emotional intelligence. Having empathy helps to build teams and challenges colleagues by giving constructive criticism; thus, leading to the general growth and success of an organization.

For an entrepreneur, being empathetic is critical to managing a successful team or business. With the distinctive ability to understand what your clients are going through, it is easy to resolve difficulties and proffer helpful solutions.

They Perceive And Decipher Emotions

Much like being empathetic, the ability to perceive and decipher emotions helps to manage relationships by understanding other’s attitudes and even unapparent emotions.

Having this trait, people with high emotional intelligence can effectively manage any looming crises and ultimately avert any adverse effects. This helps for good client retention and for navigating social environments.

They Are Motivators

Emotionally intelligent people know that perfection is sometimes impossible instead, they work on motivating others. They learn from mistakes and are good at boosting morale. They work steadily toward achieving their goals and have optimum standards for the quality of their work.

Good motivators take challenges positively and prove to be more productive in accomplishing their tasks. They are skilled at lending support and getting their team to support them and be excited about a new venture.

They Self-regulate

Self-regulation is all about being in control of your emotions and actions without any external influence. It’s like having a switch or gauge for your emotions, you can decide when to turn on and off the switch.

People who regulate themselves effectively rarely verbally attack others, make emotional conclusions, compromise their standards or take to jealousy. They understand the importance of maintaining career-personal balance in their lives, rarely stress over situations and weigh all options before responding to circumstances.

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They Are Optimistic

If you always see the good in any situation, instead of dwelling on the negatives, then you have a good level of optimism. Highly emotionally intelligent people express positivity, hopefulness and confidence in the future.

They are thankful and see the good in others. Also, they see challenges as learning opportunities and the proverbial ‘glass’ as half-full. With an inbuilt ability to promote the well-being of others around them, optimists never compare themselves with others and are generally honest.

They Are Self-accountable

Emotionally intelligent people never see themselves as victims of circumstances. They are always accountable for actions within their control and are also very honest.

This element of emotional intelligence also covers a person’s flexibility and commitment to self-actualization. Furthermore, it’s important to note that self-accountability helps you deviate from unproductive behavior.

Ways To Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

  • Write down your thoughts to help you improve self-awareness.
  • Commit to being accountable.
  • Practice being calm, think before you act or say anything.
  • Stay hopeful and optimistic.
  • Try to see other people’s perspectives.
  • Pay attention to the unsaid words – body language.
  • Put yourself in the other person’s shoes.
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Learn to take criticisms and give praise due to others.

As an entrepreneur, it is important to improve your emotional intelligence because emotions guide every decision we make. In a study of Ph.D.’s from EIConsurtium, social and emotional intelligence were significantly more important to professional success and prestige than Intelligence Quotient (IQ) alone and has been consequently linked to persons with successful careers.

According to Goleman:

  • Employees with high emotional intelligence are self-aware and that helps them understand co-workers.
  • They are not bothered by client criticism; they remain focused on outcomes, rather than feeling offended.
  • If two job candidates have similar IQs, the one with the higher EI will likely be a better fit for the client.

Take the time today to work on your emotional intelligence as a soft skill because it is as important as technical and logical skills among individuals and professionals.

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Social Media Use Surges: How Marketers Should Respond

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Social Media Marketing Talk Show, a news show for marketers who want to stay on the leading edge of social media. On this week’s Social Media Marketing Talk Show, we explore what global spikes in social media usage mean for marketing strategies and LinkedIn’s new conversation ads format […]

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