2 secrets to overcome Network Marketing Rejection Booster

2 secrets to overcome Network Marketing Rejection Booster

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Prepare yourself for network marketing rejection booster war!

Rejection is one of problems facing network marketers.  It has ruined success of many, especially those who are not fully trained to cope with it. It’s not easy to deal with rejection in network marketing. But it’s a necessary part of the process and shows that you are truly working on  your business. Myself like many other in industry have had our opportunity or products rejected over and over in the business.
Wait a minute!
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While I certainly cannot help you anticipate every potential kind of rejection. I can definitely help you in dealing with rejection in network marketing as I will share with you dangerous forms of those rejections in this post. Avoidance of these dangerous weapons is fairly simple. You need to programe your networking professionals at the very beginning, literally during the close of the first recruiting meeting.


Overcome Network Marketing Rejection Booster

Recently most people who leave the first presentation excited but never sign up or return for training are mostly victims of the easily avoided Rejection Booster.
I will share with you how to prepare our incautious prospects or newly registered network marketers,so as not to fall victim of network marketing rejection booster. You should memorized and re emphasis rejection booster caution statement for your own use.  Also for your prospects. Say it to them like you are speaking to particular person in focus during your Business presentation.
“My friend, I know you are excited about the numbers of ways to earn extra income you’ve heard today”. I realize that you will want to do your due diligence research and homework about the business opportunity I presented to you. As any responsible entrepreneur would do. But let’s face it, if I’m right, if you really can earn this kind of monthly income and retire in few years. May be you want have at least substantial personal and financial freedom.

You’d have to be Empty-headed not to take me up on this statement am about to tell you now. I want to warn you about the two primary causes of failure so you can avoid them and learn how to handle rejection in network marketing

2 Secrets to kill Rejection Booster in network marketing

how to overcome rejection in network marketingThese are the two primary causes of failure in Network Marketing, in most cases they influenced decision of many prospects just like new network marketers even before they kick start their business.
“The first secret to kill network marketing rejection Booster which is the leading cause of failure occurs when new network marketers listen to people who don’t know what they’re talking about.

I understand it’s just natural that when we get excited about something, we want to share it with others especially our loved once. Whether it’s a new product or service of ice cream or a business ideas, it fine for others except with business opportunity you are yet are to start, until you’re completely trained and knowledgeable about the network marketing industry. Why? Because the primary cause of failure in our profession stems from people getting happy about the wonderful earnings potential and then charging out to tell their closest friends and relatives before having the most idea how to do Network Marketing Business. It is very important that you don’t approach anyone until you have been taught a successful approach to use.

“In case you think you have learnt enough to avoid being influenced by people whom you know are completely ignorant about our company. Everybody thinks that but future occurrence is what matter most Once they’ve told you not to get involved, even if you later skillfully prove them wrong and answer every one of their concerns, they will not sign up ! Remember, once they’ve ridiculed you for getting into MLM, they cannot afford to sign up themselves because that’s equivalent to admitting their own foolishness. Whereas many people prefer “impression management” to taking responsibility for their own lives and creating financial independence and time freedom.

“So until you’ve been signed up, made a commitment, and been trained professionally, DO
NOT, and I mean this emphatically, DO NOT approach your friends, relatives, or even your spouse with this business until you have been taught  how to effectively share your business opportunity with them.

It would be beneficial for you to know that many of your “warm market” prospects will never join you, no matter how successful you become, if you approach them improperly. My years of experience have taught me that the main cause of failure results for listening to people who don’t know what they are talking about.” Many don’t know anything about your
Company or the business of networking. And in their ignorance they are certain it must be a Scam. Until you are involved monetarily, yes I mean until you Register in that network marketing company of your choice they sense you are not really committed. So they will do the whole thing in their power to “save you” from making a big mistake.

When you say, “Hey, everybody, I’m getting ready to open a new Flour mill company,” you can count on the response: “Are you truly capable to do that? I’ve heard most start-ups go under this ” But, once you have previously made the investment, your family and friends will do the whole thing in their power to support you in your new venture. When you say, “Hey, everyone, I’ve just opened a new Flour mill company,” the response will likely be, “Oh, good for you . . . when can we come?”
There is no doubt rejection by family and friends is by far one of the major challenges in network marketing business. But you can only transform their attitudes by changing your own. After you’ve elevated your own self-esteem and confidence level, only then will you be able to help others elevate theirs (often changing their opinions, strengthening your family’s support or interest, and opening doors to your friends and associates).

Wait a minute!
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Now lets continue…………
how to kill rejection boosterYou should wrap up your business presentation by discussing the second secret to kill rejection booster which had of failure for many people is not listening to those who DO know what they’re talking about. “If any of you do decide to sign up and become my front line partner or team mate, you must also be willing to duplicate exactly what I teach you. This business is totally different from traditional business, and if you are going to join us and then try to reinvent the wheel, you’re going to fail.

So promise me you’ll-follow our system or, frankly, I’d rather not even have you join us. Fortunately, we are in an experienced industry and – we know what we’re doing. Your first 90 days are critical, and we start the clock today as you begin your decision-making.” This what you should tell all your prospects.

Above dialogue is the best way I close my recruiting presentations, nearly verbatim. In fact, as prospects are preparing to leave, we will frequently remind them as watch statement: “Don’t forget, please don’t attempt to explain this business to anyone, even your wife or husband, until after ‘you’ve been trained!” As they depart, we are already beginning to visualize them as business associates.
The Rejection Booster can be controlled quite effectively if it is anticipated and fully understood
by new net-workers and – prospects. Actually, if you train new forefront people properly based
on this systems we will keep advance in our business, rejection will be the least of your –

Actually, once new distributors finish with their “warm market” prospects and enter the
“cold market,” rejection will be one of their greatest friends. Why? Because the sooner it can be ascertained that a prospect is not viable to a network marketing opportunity, the sooner the distributor can file her away for a six-month follow-up, and move on to receptive prospects without wasting time.

In conclusion
If warm or cold market prospects are approached properly, they will only reject your offer
if the timing is not right, in which case you want to gently back off and re-approach them every six months. Rejection should be your ally, not your adversary, and if handled well it will accelerate your recruiting activities and actually set you up for a positive outcome. Don’t talk about this business with friends or relatives until after you have made a commitment and have been trained. (Make it a point to teach this at the close of your presentation.

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